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The gift of music with his lear and voice david was able to make music for saul and drive the evil spirits away for a time saul was grateful and quickly welcome david into his home as royal armor bearer which meant that david was constantly around to learn from the king and sing for him when the evil in saul grew too much to bear he played many things for the king and many of them were later recorded into the book of psalms in the bible a short while later they went to war with a neighboring tribe who were called the philistines the philistines were a giant and brutal people they quickly won many battles against saul and his people and things grew desperate they were led by a man named goliath who was a giant even among the philistines as he sat with saul david heard the reports the philistines had them trapped they had drawn their army into a great battle line bristling with swords and spears and long deadly arrows twice every day once at sunrise and again at sunset goliath would march back and forth in front of his army his swift steps were thunder his voice shook the earth crowley are you not my enemies do you not stand for israel yet you stand up right send forth a cia challenger to face me if any one of you kinda feet me then we will surrender to you but if i win then you will surrender to us and forever be our servants no one not even david's mighty brother elliott dared face goliath and doom israel if they lost so it continued for forty days and forty nights until david was called by his father son he said your mother has made your brothers their favorite bread would you take it to them on the battlefield of course father david said be careful though elliott has them positioned at the front of the army and that brute goliath is still challenging them daily david took the bread and left saul's palace he walked through the army camp seeing the fear and hopelessness on the faces of the soldiers many of them had been shepherds like david and his brothers once but after many battles with the philistines they were tired and scarred near the front of the army he found elliot and his brothers they were looking across the stretch of bare earth to where the philistine army stood david elliot said and all his brothers came and hugged him they talked for a moment of david's life playing music for king saul and his learning in the palace but they were cut short by a mighty roar cowards called goliath from the empty field between the armies and phrase me or we will destroy all of israel do not have you have the courage do none of you have faith in the strength of your arms david looked upon goliath with off he was even bigger than david had imagined him goliath was near ten feet tall and as wide as three strongmen he covered himself in gleaming bronze armor and carried a sword as long as david was tall well no except march allah he roared in his heart david felt the stirring of the lord he felt the strength that god had given him an in an instant he knew what he must do he stepped in front of the army a small boy barely up to goliaths waste goliath i will accept your challenge goliaths saw the boy and laughed the army of israel moaned how could this twig of a.

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