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See a die hope they leave it alone and a belt tightening and working to make albuquerque government more efficient money raised whether tax hike proposed by councillor isaac benton would've gone toward street improvements a standoff on an overpass did not end well today in albuquerque police say a sixteen year old boy wearing only his underwear died when he jumped from the candle larry overpass on the northbound panamerican free way that despite attempts by police to bring him down safely apec summit aerobic says a multi jurisdictional investigation is now underway we considering it an income the death even though it was a suicide rubik says the boy's mother had called police to say her son was in distress on sunday a man threatened to jump on why forty from the louisiana overpass he was finally brought to safety after a thirteen hours shutdown of the interstate separating you from your money that's the goal of tax scammers this time of year for the most part they are trying to frighten you into paying what they say is a tax debt demanding a credit card number or a prepaid card or face arrest tria corey with the attorney general's consumerprotection division says these crooks will contact you by phone or email something the irs never does your surprised me hearing from phnom hung up hani ira chuck online make sure that you're talking to somebody from the ira initiate accommodation your south she she tells us her office has received dozens of calls from new mexicans who think they've been targeted by scammers but she is not aware of any one actually falling for the scam this year pat al news radio kkob coming up the latest on marijuana legalization kkob newsradio time 508 four the start spelling the word painting go ahead p a high an stop that's what painting is to me of pain stig here you know the drill spread the drop clause saying the trim climb the ladder get paid on your favorite t and clean out the brushes who needs all that hassle you know what i do i make one phone call to sort of pro painters eight hundred go surda the sort of pro guys patched the stucco.

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