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Paid for by Donald Trump for president ng 9 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS to Steve Dresner in the W T o p Traffic Center. We're going to start off in Virginia on the North bound side of 3 95. We are slow approaching rou Wanna crystal sitting and it is slow over the 14 stry bridge traffic. Moving. Also bid slowly South bound on the G W Parkway from the humpback bridge over to the 3 95 interchange. You will be crawling along for just a bit. We do have a memorial bridge closed for weekend roadwork and ah, traffic, opting to either go for the inbound 14th Street Bridge or the Roosevelt Bridge. Both are good options in the district traffic moving nicely on the Southeast Southwest Freeway. No issues to report on D C Tu 95 ride to 95 over in Virginia. Bit of good news in the warrant in the area, South bound lanes of 29 right before rude 17 have now been reopened. Crash activity cleared. All travel lanes again are open on the South bound sided 29. Westbound 66 he market after rude 15 exit 40 still dealing with the cleanup for one overturned. We have the flares out. Sign board out. Still single right? Lane does get shot by over in Maryland. Good right on the capital Beltway traffic moving nicely on 95. The B W Parkway between the two beltways. Still dealing with a bit of a delay in the Gaithersburg area on the North bound side of 2 70 local lanes this before the exit for 1, 20 Fork Ranch activity blocking the right lane. Steve Dresner. W T o P. Traffic. All right, Steve, and now we got a storm Team four meteorologist Amelia Draper a cold night in store across the area. Some isolated showers out there this evening. Temperatures in the forties will fall into the thirties..

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