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Hello, everybody and welcome back to our survivor. David versus Goliath preview didn't have that many things to say about. Here's the guy who is whatever from David versus Goliath, but I am here with the first lady of podcasting, please welcome back to the podcast, the great Goliath of my life call sister in a call. How are you? I'm good, but I'm pretty sure in slam down. They don't allow podcast podcast would be slammed land. I, I would be just slammed right out of slam town. Yes. And here we are in a call we are, but days away from survivor David versus Goliath. We, of course, do this podcast. You and I have been together. I believe this is the seventeenth time that you and I are getting together to play on. Well, yes, I should be so lucky to get this seventeen times. I look forward to that day, but Nicole, we are here to preview the cast of survivor thirty seven which is, but only days away Wednesday night, we'll be the premier ninety minutes survivor David versus Goliath. Of course, this was not how we drew the plan up here for the survivor. Thirty seven preseason. And as many of the listeners know, either from following the big brother coverage or from social media that life got in the way here. Here in these last couple of weeks that Nicole, and I had gotten some really terrible news last week and very unexpected. -ly Nicole mom passed away last week and we have been in New York and with Nicole's family, and so for the call to make the time to even do this podcast with me is such a amazing testament to her commitment, and I really wanna say, Nicole, thank you for taking the time to talk about this nonsense with us after everything that you've been through here in these last ten days or so my mom would want the nonsense to go on. Yeah. Well, she, I think got a kick out of it. We spent a lot of time with her over the summer. She visited us for about two months over the course of the summer. Obviously, we had no idea that any of this was. Coming and she'd just come back home a couple of weeks ago, and we got this very unexpected news last week. And so this has really been a completely shocking event and we're just doing our best to pick up the pieces here with Nicole's family over these last a week and a half or so..

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