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An and where i live in jersey city and and uh on on along the the shoreline or a long um you know the forties and fifties on on the west side and new york city uh they decided to build something called this that now in corridor which is a billion dollar investment into um uh condominium highrises and prior to the arrival of those condos you know i had one drug dealer telling me man i used to go six months with us in a cop in this place but as soon as they put it put those condos up um and suddenly the places crawling with police and you'd have these transactions for like two or three dollars that would be the subjects of arrests uh which was very very strange people who live there part of this story reminds me a little bit of of of hayes his last book a colony in a nation where you start to like sort of perceived the police as not there to protect the community right because the community was there before the that the the billions of dollars worth of investment in the buildings were there uh but they're there to actually sort of like control and clean out that area in some way and and that's an indian you write about eric garner let me tell us just a little bit more about him in and why he was such a frequent target for the police because we're talking about selling and i guess look if i could see may be some you know the guy who owns the tobacco store is like hey that's not fair he selling uh you know would taxfree cigarettes.

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