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And syrian arabs are being relocated into that area but that is not even spoken about it's you have to find you have to go to the foreign press to read about it but the but russia has backed that in other words russia is backing bishara allow saad but now russia is also backing turkey and that in itself calls for a number of questions turkey is a nato country we have very strong tensions now with turkey because the americans are backing a kurdish group we've armed and trained the kurds and they were the primary people on the ground fighting against isis for us supposedly but now that the kurds pose a threat presumably to turkish sovereignty the this i don't know what you would call it conflagration has gotten to an even more depressing point where you know the turks are now fighting the kurds again or will be and that could be a full you know a bloody slaughter as it was during the eighties and nineties thirty thousand kurds were killed by the turks for wanting self determination and it's really sad and it's also really sad in my view that kurds allied themselves to the united states because they'll be betrayed in the long run there's no question of that in my mind now as far as mccrone goes and france i can't say that i know the internal reasoning for why france decided to join this coalition i don't know what's going on between france and syria diplomatically or on other levels and haven't followed it what i think is interesting is that it was the french who colonized syria in nineteen nineteen and other was in nineteen nineteen in syria and i'll say this very quickly there was a real tangible possible probable chance that syria would become a constitutional monarchy with king faisal as as its leader that was the will of the people there was a democracy in progress being born and the french basically came in and said nothing doing we're gonna turn you into a colony that are very close ties between syria and france on some on many levels sometimes just culturally there were huge uprisings in syria in the nineteen twenties against the french because of the occupation of syria and they were very destructive horrible violent awful that was one of the first cases where colonial power used home demolitions but why would they join the coalition today.

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