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Pandemic began after an Asian man was killed in San Francisco recently, actor and community organizer Will Lex Ham became part of a community group now patrolling the streets in Chinatown. The anti Asian attacks have been happening, you know, all year. What we want to do is to make our elderly feel safe. You know, there are a lot are out and about right now because of the Chinese New Year Lunar New Year. On way just won't make them feel safe. There have been attacks in Southern California to and Los Angeles Assemblyman Albert Suit, she says videos of some of those attacks on the elderly are especially disturbing. I saw my own father, I saw my own mother, and that's what makes hate crimes so disturbing because it's not just an attack on the individual victims, but it's an attack on an entire community. The FBI caucuses re introducing legislation that would require the California Department of just Just to track hate crimes more closely and to delineate which groups have been targeted. They're also asking for help from the broader community to stand against hate crimes. Greg Fishman news 93.1 kfbk. 6 20 now in case became a We'll get some traffic and weather together for you right now Back to our KPK Traffic center and Dana Hess and brought to my room to router. Dad, Dad and Splint. Got me 11 minutes. He's found Camp City. So started season clean up their split to Roseville. Another eight minutes. If you're going to hell, Grove again south on I five. It's while 11 minutes we do have an accident just happening here. South Bound I five Laguna Boulevard of non injury and it's involving a big rig and a civic and I was happy to see Nobody was hurt. It is blocking the number One lane that's at Laguna. Otherwise downtown L Groban 99 is 11 minutes 19 minutes as you make your way out of Folsom Boulevard on eastbound 50 downtown, the Woodland 16 minutes north by like five and downtown to Davis. West found 89 minutes and again. The thing that really stands out on the sensor map is that South bound I five South bound well, actually eastbound on 80. Really heavy traffic coming out of Davis and really heavy traffic coming out of woodland need help with your plumbing drains or flooding. Roto Rooter offers free home inspections, but they're 80 years of experience to work for you 24 73 65 scheduled your free home inspection today Call your local Roto Rooter at 1 800 get roto or at Roto rooter CIA. Com traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Tonight we'll see. Increasing clouds with a shower in spots towards dawn tonight will reach a low 48 to.

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