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It's here And now this year, we turned zoom into a verb Airbnb into a refuge and watched as lawmakers and congressional hearings accused big tech of illegally squashing the competition. What a year It's been for some of the world's biggest tech companies, and now we're going to take a look back with two tech editors and reporters in a freed is a chief technology correspondent for Axios. And Ronnie Mola is senior data reporter for Recode. Hello and welcome to both of you hate having me well in the midst of so much this year, we watched federal scrutiny of some of the tech giant's heat up Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Google. Now, At least two of those companies Google and Facebook are the subjects of lawsuits from federal regulators in state attorneys general in I'll Start with you how big of a shift was there in Washington this year over tech regulations. Well, I think you mentioned that the suits themselves or the action. I think the theater of having the executives hauling them before Congress was Maura an active frustration and good political theater. The real action is that they went to court against two of these companies, and we haven't seen that. Really since the Microsoft trial, you know. Two decades ago. Hmm. Ronnie do Do you think we're going to see significant changes as a result of Washington's renewed interest in antitrust? I mean, I should hope so just by the sheer number of cases that are being filed so far against, you know this three against Google one against Facebook, there's Probably going to be once against Apple and Amazon. Alternatively there, Congress could certainly pass legislation that could govern these tech companies a little bit more than we've been doing. Sure, because there have been a lot of hearings, but it seems like Democrats and Republicans are talking past each other. Yeah, I think you know, the fact that we did see bipartisan lawsuit is a sign that there is some common ground. I think a lot of what we saw on Capitol Hill was actually different Frustrations you had Democrats talking about one thing you had Republicans talking about anti conservative bias s O. There was shared frustration, but not about the same thing..

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