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It so what do you do now and that just makes us look weak and impotent and you know what happens then you get more of it that's what happens then i'm not saying we shouldn't be prudent and i'm not saying we shouldn't be very careful and measured it all of these types of decisions in the end you're talking about lives you're talking about some semblance of risk you're talking about money you're talking about a lot of things and in the end what's it going to get us now i would argue that even in the very naive universe of saying that syria is so far away from us it really does not come back to us anyway i would argue that everything comes back to us anything can i don't whether it's wmd's that are moving around and living there the terrorist groups fighting for power they're different factions russia iran ah saw andrew mitchell today on msnbc saying that iran is really a not coming through in their part of the bargain and deal for a new program and they're not following the terms surprise surprise i know we're all so shocked by that i really took her in their word not to use a parlance of the nineties me are you kidding me who didn't see that coming and then what's possible here there are numerous options and the president has or will be presented with those options anything from a very brief strike perhaps on somewhere where they've found chemical weapons being stored he could also order attacks on airfields and could it be bigger than what we've seen the past if president it may choose to do something more robust he may choose to do several airfields he may choose to target assads military command headquarters it looks like he would have to do something more robust given the fact that assad didn't get the message last time and then there's the whole russia component and as i mentioned at the start of the segment that those who are just so weary or concerned and beyond that when it comes to any connection allegedly between trump and russia has your perception that changed at all this morning.

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