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Every member of society is equal underneath heaven with bitcoin quote. We all know what the rules are. And we know that we can participate without people changing the rules in the future. He said this is not the case when we work in fiat system where it's by nature a two party system does the oligarchy of fat cats. Who set the monetary policy and control of flow of funds and then the peons and serfs who are subject to its enforcement. It's built into the name fiat did we are not equals. Kara's believes we are in a ionic era and biblical prophecies are unfolding and. There's a lot of evidence that bitcoin falls under those prophecies. When asked if he thinks. The israeli government will try to ban or restrict bitcoin as a tool of terror of resistance. He said the israeli people know that technological innovation and opportunity far outweighs the risks. He said that if hamas trying to circumvent banking restrictions by collecting funds in bitcoin as the israeli government has recently alleged. Seizing bitcoin exchanges. That it claimed was connected to moss. Then that is more easily regulated then us paying a gardener or web developer in bitcoin. He said the new israeli prime minister has a background in cybersecurity and entrepreneurship instead of ban is unlikely. Bending bitcoin cara said is as ridiculous as banning marijuana. If i have a seed in my pocket. I can plant fields of crops if i have twelve words in my head. You can't stop me. Kerris pointed out that. Bitcoin is already much larger by market cap than the shekel. Today he thinks countries are going to be forced to add to their balance sheets as a reserve asset and make it legal tender or tried to ban or fight. Bitcoin a battle they will lose and have to buy in later at a higher price. He's a big critic of central bank digital currencies or cbd's and talked about how cash is helpful because it is unstoppable and private. I would vehemently opposed replacing cash with c. d. c. It's a form of control. He said it can hurt your business..

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