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Show. Tom shillue? Bringing you the third hour of the Tom shillue show. Live and in color. With Jimmy Fallon Jimmy failure. In the studio you've been rocking that leather jackets for a couple of days. Yeah. This is my oldest guy in the boy band. Look, I'm I'm the lead singer of a boy band called wrong direction. Apparently. I really do. It looks like the guy that drives them to the gigs. Is there something wrong with an older guy wearing a leather jacket because I just I just bought one. Should I I saw your leather jacket? Yesterday. Yeah. I look for you. Okay. Good. I think it's good. I think I think it makes you look even more masculine is such a thing were possible. Art, a lot of people aren't going to believe that it's possible. But I think it's out there. I think there's another gear to the shallow empire. Jimmy taylor. Thanks for coming in here. And joining us we've been talking we didn't do in two hours about speech vs. Action political rhetoric versus political violence. So yes, of course, and does one Lee thing lead to another. That was my question. No. I mean right off the bat and infuriates me when people pass that narrative on because you grouping the rest of us with the French the fringe fringe. Yeah. You know, it's like you say some of us can't play video games went to kill everybody. I think that's the the fringe. Yes, is is the French. There are rogue elements of society that a capable of things like this. But I think it really takes the. You know, I it takes the accountability away from the individual. When you say, you know, the politicians of the blame blaming Bernie Sanders for the guy who shot up the squeezed thing. I don't like blaming Trump for what went on here today. There might be an Anglo blame Elizabeth Warren. You think there's does he have this sell it does he have native American heritage so far? Oh, man. I hope not I can't tell but he says he's he's got a couple of companies on his on his page there. He had done a lot of tweeting about this. There are pictures of him at Trump rallies during the campaign back when Trump was running for president where he's wearing his t shirt that says unconquered Seminole tribe Seminoles for American seminal for Trump. I don't know if they're if he's going to claim that angle. I mean, this guy was clearly steeped in some of the local talking points. Yeah. But my takeaway from reading about his background, first and foremost is that dob male stripping doesn't pay what I thought it did. So here a male stripper living in your van like what was his stage. Name tragic, Mike. I mean, that's depressing. So he would he worked as a male stripper. I didn't know that. Apparently, we tip better than women because I don't know any female strippers that are living in their vans. That's the first takeaway various strip female strip or not a male. But the native American thing is very interesting. Because again, it's definitely not her fault. This is a fringe crazed looney. But there have been enough things that have gone on in the news cycle that if perhaps he was infuriated by that. I don't think that's the case. He certainly hasn't incited that. But it's disgusting that in times like this week. We don't take a step back. We do take a step in like. You know, I haven't seen a lot of people being like ours is a time to come together and figure it out. Well, the president did say that. Sara Lee, he means it because I think he's getting ready to fight again, saying what he has to say, let's be very honest. They have a shock collar around his scrotum of this week. There zap him. If he talks out, a turn, I think every once in a while Kelly does, you know, try to keep them in line a little bit because he can't help himself in this instance, by talking out of turn about this. But I think he has been playing defense, and I give them a lot of credit for that. Nobody else will by the way. Did you think do you think Megan Kelly would get fired before? General Kelly made it longer they they keep saying it was general Kelly and my survivor Paul. Yeah. Yeah. I had I had Megan Kelly at least Megan Halloween who saw that going out. I want to talk about her that thing in a little bit. But let's continue our conversation here about speech versus violence Aaron in Monroe Michigan. Hey, jamie. First of all, I have a gay, man. I don't know why any fifty six year old man is going to be taking off their clothes for anybody. Hey, maybe somebody has a granddaddy complex, you don't know. I have a whole campaign. What's the limit? Aaron is it forty nine. What is it? You know, what maybe he did that because he feels empowered. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. But what I see of a huge problem here is that by doing this rhetoric to Trump's fall. We're just taking the blame away from him actually, doing something very very true MVP other thing the other thing is is that I don't understand how this has become a problem now because we've we've had this all the way from like Bush when I was in high school very during the whole, oh, you never went to the army. They had all the ads against John Kerry. And so this is this is this is like nasty political speech is nothing new. What is the what changes that everyone now is wanting to play the victim in unfortunately? And I hate to be political about it. But this is one of the things that really frustrates me. Because I'm also an African American is the less always wants to play the victim. So if you say, oh, you were mean to me, it's not actually that. You're refuting the issue is just oh, you hurt my feelings and. Like. Girl, girl, pair grow up and grow up here. That's that's a good message from Aaron Michigan, isn't it? That accurately should be on that could be on bumper stickers for twenty twenty. Yeah. Twenty eight but it is this is emblematic of a philosophical divide. There are some people who believe in individual accountability left in society. There are others that believe all of our actions are byproduct of our superiors. And I think that's where you wind up in a situation. Like, it's Trump's fall. Yeah. Well, I'm trying to think let's take Jimmy. And I both let's put it in a position where let's flip it. And we'll say I want you to picture what it be like if this were a if there were a van that was being towed away. And they found that the perpetrator was an earth. First left-winger, right? Trying to you know, whatever the what would that say about the modern Democratic Party? I don't think I would say anything unless they were unless they were funded by they connection to politics and somebody was doing, but you also acting as if a democrat did that and their van was being towed away. It would be shown on the news. Don't we'd show it here. We love Ariel video of of of cars going to own a drone with a camera on it, isn't it? We've just had so many crazy drone shots. It felt like the OJ chase all over again. Yeah. Because we did we watched a lot of that this week. And the tarp. It was not fastened. I gotta be honest. That was the most destabilizing part of this whole experience with realizing how bad are FBI as putting a tarp on van. These guys are supposed to be protecting us for foreign threats. They can't protect a van from the winds. Yeah. Bad seinfeld. Know, I wonder how that you would think what they do with the Christmas tree because. How do they tied out to the roof? I'd I'd like to see that video Daniel in Austin, Texas, says the Trump should tone it down in my right about that. Daniel. Hey, how ya doing? Yeah. I think the what the language that he uses. He he sets the tone. He's the president. He's the. You know, the rallies that he's doing he sets the tone. So. I know that's his style. But how do you feel when like the crowd is going CNN sucks, and he's egging it on. I don't know if I find that to me, there's a there is a WWF kind of energy to that they threaten reporters though. Well, I don't know if they really threaten reporting. So you know, he has he he's a supporter. Yeah. I mean, they say go home CNN things like that. But but the they're all there. I think that who's the guy from CNN that's at all the rallies Kosta. Yeah. I don't think he feels. He's listening. He wants to get hit by a soda can he's he's a he'll he's a pro wrestling. He'll he's a keel at White House events. He's a he'll at Trump rallies. I agree where you would be concerned with that. And I don't want to go ahead. I have another question. I'm sorry, man. That was brought up on local show here was where did that guy? Or did he get his stickers like the one with the Hillary with the crosshairs and the CNN? So are you asking are you asking is an interested shopper or a concerned citizen? They were all all of the stuff. I saw. Well, no, no, printing out memes from the internet. Yeah. He's printing things out from the internet. And in some cases, he might print out a whole montage. 'cause most of those things I've seen like Hillary Clinton with her mouth open yelling. And then there's the tar like target over her. Yeah. I've seen those on the internet. I've seen other things. Oh, yeah. Those are all over the break rooms here at I'm kidding. No. We don't have anything like that. But I think I think the takeaway from that van is that is why you can't let guys on Pinterest. Yeah. Also, I wish we had a break room. There's no break room here break room, come on, man. You know? Yes. I just wanted to say, look, I'm I consider myself independent. But I watch Fox News after you see you a lot on FOX. And so. You know that I do watch you and I try and listen to both. That's great Daniel. Thanks so much for calling in Daniel in Austin. Yeah. That's a good place to be a boat south Boston, very, you know, the white boots that I wore last week that dominated the gut full program bought an Austin, really, oh, you better damn well believe in Austin should up to the great gut felt Shona Friday night with the wrong boots white. You should've had a white ten gallon hat to go with them. And they talked me out of Dr Jasser talk stupid. They come on kid, Joe and Eljay Georgia. His Trump's inciting violence. No, great show as usual. I think people are being too hard on Trump. I thought Steve Moore last night as a good friend of Trump. He's written a book called Trump, a mommy's. They said Joe, there's never been anybody. That has my generosity. The guy only gets three hours sleep. He's out there working art. And I think he's got the base fired up. So we're gonna win the mid term. So I don't think Trump is not at all. I think he's just fired up and energize. And he's got us. All I certainly am fired up at energize. So hopefully, they're fired up in the good way. Yeah. Joe and. Things go. Well, I certainly hope things go well, Georgia. I think they're gonna call. But if it was as simple as rhetoric at Trump rallies make this happen. We'd have a lot more of these because his rallies have twenty thirty forty thousand people in some instances at them. They've been very patient saying one of these days there's going to be violence. They've been very patient waiting for that to happen. And then it finally did. And but the other thing with them is the one of these days is going to be violence. There's been plenty of violence. There's been a ton of violence, if you wanna talk about it over the course of the last year and a half. But it's something we don't really pay a lot of attention to. I mean, I hate to say, it's a double standard. But in around about way, it does feel like a double standard because absent a conservative doing something like this really isn't any media interest in it. And to that extent it is frustrating. But again, I don't pin. This guy, nor do I pin the school shooter to either side. But if you wanna talk about it if you wanted to have an apples to apples comparison. This guy who's clearly not mailing out bombs is a terrible thing. But they were processed by people and not the actual recip-, meaning you mail a picture Obama Obama's not opening the mail, piano. Thankfully, the none of these people that none of these things got anywhere near anyone because they're, you know. If you're gonna make an equivalent this would this would be like if the Bernie supporter shot up everyone's assistant at a congressional softball game. Thankfully, everybody's okay. And thankfully, this is seems to be over..

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