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In Washington for today's funeral. Good morning. Good morning guys. The governor actually made the decision on Monday after he got warded the passing of the forty fifth president of the United States. The first lady got on a plane last night in to avoid a lot of congestion at security problems this morning, so they flew in last night. He will lead the Michigan delegation of congress persons. Attorney general Bill Schutte close personal friend, the Bush family is also in Washington or the the ceremony and for the comments positive comments that we're going to hear about his former. Certainly has a tremendous legacy. The governor told me that he did not know Mr Bush, personally, what of course, he is very close to the sons, the former President George Bush and also a guy who wanted to be president, Jeb Bush. So he'll be there representing the state of Michigan at the funeral of George. Herbert Walker Bush. WJ radio ninety WWE news time is nine fifty two using your spending dollars to give back to the local economy. This holiday season. I'm Sandra McNeill, and this is made in Michigan Franklin hana's runs the website from Michigan with love some of the offerings heart of Michigan and Howell with gift basket, you can customize yourself. This one has some peanut butter for all made Michigan some jiffy mix and Fago better made Dearborn products just a whole bunch of things and you can have them shipped anywhere. You like even the would basket is made in our state for hostess gifts. There's Detroit's Germanic with specialty. Nothing copies for Christmas. They have snow drift coffee and quick holiday meal can be made with dressings marinades for Milford blue grill foods, the red marinade is terrific. He just cut up your chicken, and you cubit new put it in a ziplock bag put it in there for about twenty four hours. And oh my gosh. The best kebab you will ever eat in Dearborn Hammy says it's not just about ham anymore. They have sweet barbecue flavored beef brisket say have much. Different flavors..

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