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Worried about uh-huh Kademi number seventy one recorded on January two thousand and twenty. I'm agent Gooney Guy I I do J. A. God. There's a bunch of animals. I don't have one wait. Maybe maybe I do. That's not an animal that's for. It's a nerd rock. It gets green. I'll put it up there. Well we got a lot of stuff to get to. Why don't we start with what we've been up to and already talked about it a little bit of in the intro? The withdrawal didn't hear so I went up to Eddington Effingham. I keep calling. It is that I think they should change the name up. Put it up to the people in charge. Okay I'll twenty any of them so I went up there and on out. Was this effing. Pin See what I did there. Yeah beautiful completely stove shirt to go with it almost point but it was a a first Saturday event and it was a a Lotta Fun. Got To see do J. in person again. I haven't seen you since Chicago. I guess that's been a long time and get a a lot of great agents up there and then I bolted like immediately afterwards. 'cause it was a long trip home and getting ready to eat and I'm like we're where'd we go. It's gone. We had to go back home like dark him. Similar acronyms it take. It takes a lot over and our politics says I just was gone. He was gone and I had to go see Superman. I'm only back. You gotTA stop by metropolis. If you take that route. I mean it is true that is true to have some of those kidneys. And that's about it besides just trying to get training running get the next level and I did hit the Max for the event so I should be looking at five hundred K.. Come in sometime and pace. I'm trying to get that last two hundred K.. Before it drops so hopefully it'll drop in level me at the same time. Just I just see what happens. We'll go we'll see how y'all which opened up to well. I was at Every first Saturday with our with the Gooney research I didn't get to see you. You did he did do the first Saturday the correct way. Oy He got in this car because it was cold we got his car and he set one spot. Just beat up people move F ing cold. It was cold. It was Viz Death thirty degrees or something like that but he I do have to say. He came away with the top frog award. He was the the top API winter. I think it was because everybody was out to beat him up. It's gotTa have that Strat ready to go I I will also say that. He did not beat the resistance but but she is greater is just a phenomenal. I mean I think there's been a first Saturday that she didn't make million when it was all over in doubled so she just does that all the time but yeah it was a cold one but we had about twenty five hundred show up We gave out some Niantic in some Red Solo Solo. Swag and thank you Andrew. Yup I was GONNA say Thanksgiving for bringing it up. Thank you for Andrew for dropping it on our doorstep well goonies stores and that was the real reason because I just hate going to the post office. It'll just be easier to drive this up there. He told me he's like your frigging kidding. Me You'RE GONNA drive six hours instead of put something in the mail. Yup Okay whatever but other than that. I've just been hacking the hacking on the run to replenish my inventory. After first Saturday. And that's that's about it and I do want to say one thing if I go dark. I'm not pulling Zella belly. It's lightning in thunder here so I don't know if you heard that in the background so he's not that I got ticked off is just that I don't have power. What about you you went to? DC Yes. I was in Washington D. C. for their first Saturday and surprisingly we were sitting cold so it was in union station. Correa that you could do pretty much the whole for Saturday of an indoors if you wanted to about twenty five thirty portals in the station and it was I think sixty two degrees outside at our picture that got posted online read it. A couple of people were commenting there like solar short sleeves in handed check lake. The location for this is January. So yeah I over pacts. I packed nothing but cold weather clothing and it just so happened and have like a t shirt says enough to to strip down so I could deploy those resonator because you know it's just hard work sitting there. mashing that he was the eye under packs like switch from the light Hoodie to the heavy hoodie. And that's all I had and it was the whole like there were snowflakes in my face as I what is going on I will say it was snowing when we started. That's when you know. You're playing sincerest disinterest though when you start getting like icicle beard you're like Oh have been up a little too long. You hit your phone because your fingers tooting cold. Oh yeah that's a problem following. I can't hack anymore. It doesn't even register my finger now that we didn't have that problem in DC. We got we got a little bit of rain towards the end of our event but it was pretty again with a large turnout. I think somewhere around fifty agents. Everybody seems to have fun with it. And towards about the last half hour of the event I decided to on the fly without really telling a whole lot of people ahead of time that was just going to do a live drop so I had a little swipe bundle made up. I sent out a couple of clues into telegram channel that I have set up for. You know broadcasting stuff out and I just kind of like a manhunt so I told agents. I'm like get a portal key to this portal which was the registration portal. And then find me well as typing this all up looking around. I'm like okay. We're all the agents agents season people in scanner. I post it and then I hear Vania. Someone's like running at me already so I'm like no this just started. This can't in this way so I just I just took off running started. Deploying begins as I was going eventually they did find me but it was like a minute or two are. I'm I'm sure pedestrians looking in on the event. Where like what is what is happening right now in union station terrorist attack? Perhaps not the best timing to be running around like lunatics but it was fun so do what you gotta do but just a shoutout to inlaid Enlai Day to ask Jarvis Resistance Agent Videocon who took part in that draft and managed to find me. They both decided to share the spoils of war on that yeah really. That's like finished up. The number deployed challenge since the last time that we had the show I kind of just slid it in right under the wire there managed to get the gold is just with all the holidays. Things are a little bit busy and work was killer but managed to get the goal. The blue do we need a sound for that and I do. I do WANNA in a mentioned that if you look there's there's this cartoon character thing down there I don't know they see that or not good job gooney any are on the show. Yeah Yeah it's it's. It's us in Ingress anime style news new anime style. So you'll see it on the thumbnail. If you're listening to it you can go the website and see it of course new stuff only five thousand dollars we can include you is that is that what. I'm sure we can go for that six six grand. We'll we'll we'll bygone. I might even do it for a lot less but that sounds like a good number to me. I know you're always about monetize ing you. You GotTa do it. You GotTa do it. Maybe upgrading. The website again. We actually went over our quota for views last month so when that happens it's like it it gets pricier and so it's better to get the next package than to let them eat those those of us extra so that's good. Let's let's get. She has grown. We like that word that you sounded like a fortune teller because you said it before we we heard it..

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