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California Attorney General Javier Becerra and the other agencies accused the Department of Health and Human Services of Rolling Back parts of the rule that shield LGBTQ you residents, pregnant women and people who aren't fluent in English. Because the new rule was released in the middle of a pandemic. The lawsuit says it will impose quote unjustifiably barriers to health care on vulnerable populations at a time when access to care is as crucial as ever. In a statement, But Sarah called the shift mean unconstitutional and unbelievably immoral. The Department of Health and Human Services has not commented about the lawsuit. And California has joined Tomb or lawsuits against the Trump Administration, one targets of the U. S Environmental Protection Agency over its reversal of rules regulating mercury and other toxic air pollutants released from Cole. And oil fired power plants. The lawsuit filed by a coalition of 25 states, cities and counties, says the pollutants posed especially significant risks to women and Children. Another suit is also targets. The EPA that environmental case challenging the Trump Administration's attempt tow leased federal lands to coal companies. California Attorney General Heavier But Sarah has now sue the Trump Administration 85 times. First it was music than podcasts. Now video, the streaming service Spotify announced today. The listeners can now watch some of their favorite shows on the platform. KCR W's Kelly Wells has details. Sometimes listening isn't enough. So for years, podcasters have often uploaded video versions of their content to places like YouTube. For example, some videos of the black pop culture podcast higher learning have gotten tens of thousands of views there. That's why Spotify is trying to win some of those viewers back by offering video for the first time. There now Seven podcast on Spotify, including higher learning that also offer video of the hosts recording their content..

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