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I can run all day. That. On all day, the pays you're going here, they go to. Thirties, still do six thirty. First time you burst you go pull a hamstring about that. I know you can run distance. You grab me. You probably run for an hour straight for more than that. Oh, okay. I did up for that one. We're a bunch of angry Minnesotans and I know a few of those people yesterday after newly signed Viking safety, George loco was wearing Adrian Peterson's number twenty, eight jersey add practice. Relooked weird said he's not planning on wearing Peterson's number and quote. I just think that was the only number available so they just threw me in it. I'm so glad we have Eric Dickerson here with the number of our. The Rams should throw somebody into that twenty nine Sunday right. They might. Disrespectful in your pain, Eric, a I would say yes and no, because he looked football goes on with or without you, but but a player like Adrian Peterson to me would be a first ballot hall of Famer for the Minnesota Vikings. You know, no matter how it ended. He's the guy. When you look at twenty eight, you'll always think of Adrian Peterson wear number twenty eight, nine, George or whatever. Nothing against him, but but but nothing against him. I can tell you, I think in nineteen Ninety-three they put a guy modules z by name of Dexter Davis and he was a bag. Yeah, he made a Pro Bowl, but you know, I I was in, I was still playing. Yeah, and it was odd, but but my friend, Todd light told me a story. I got a story to tell you he's in nineteen Ninety-one. When I got drafted the Rams he said, Mr. Hewitt came to me with would number them away. So he gave me number twenty nine. I looked at it said, I can't let his number. Dixon's number. I'm not wearing this number so I can't wear this number. So that's how he became before you want atop. Atop Todd Todd was a good player, so it's just certain number that that that you don't, you don't wear like I look at at at Rickey Jackson, we'll take Rickey Jackson, my friend, if I'm the saints Ricky's the only hall of fame for the New Orleans Saints. They have never retired. His number matter of fact, they have a guy win number now think it's Okafor and he got drafted by by the Zona cardinals. These I think I think that is really disrespect with this is your only hall of fame guy and you're not you having somewhere when ways number. So most definitely, I don't feel like anyone should ever wear agent, pitas number. I mean, he's iconic. He's number twenty. And I think like I say he will be I ballad Ballard hall of fame when he retired from football. Yeah. If the preseason who cares giving fifty. The preseason when I play the prison, they gave me number one thought it was cool because in high school I was three in college. I was too, I would like arm number one, NFL Donald me that they give guy that they're going to cut. They get. Donald b. So you're basically saying jonky take this? No. Get out of here, George any? No. Just for the record? Georgia. Loca has been a six year started out of the Bengals. He's a, he's I'm not gonna say. Players? Yeah, go ahead. Yes, he did good player. All right. But Adrian Peterson, you go make a case. Okay. Who's the best all time? Viking. Adrian Peterson, Randy malls Allen page thread, target critic, Kara mall all know. Did it George logo that will be thought of as a Minnesota Viking or an all time? Great. Minnesota biking, but I get it for me if I'm like twenty eight. Figured that out. They show him. He got twenty. Then I know you try to stay away from that. You go to a team thanksgiving. You go to New England. Hiccup with somebody twelve. What out eighty seven even if I'm tied in eighty. Fifth, you've got to get away from me. A bunch of eighty in Denver though. Haven't they. Good morning. I need to talk to Joe l. is about that you should be putting their from everybody do driving the power. Before I go, Jenny Taft as a longtime Vikings fan, were you offended by this? It looked weird friends actually say, get skipping chain and weighing on this. Right. Just the AP all. It's just too many memories and they shouldn't be taken away. Okay. We're those same fans..

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