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The market you should relook at this where you know warning warning warning we have a problem those down a third since the current administration has taken place in there actually down a their training down from the first year to the second year a this is also 'em were also looking at a time when you sd eight a which also has a similar regulations and research into what is or is not impactful go to our environment their livestock and the rest of it is being told widely on mass to move to kansas or get fired in two weeks so we have a very interesting dismantling of protections of food that we eat which which brings me back to the story that i was bringing up before you have scientist making your food in a lab under mission where they a hundred percent pure were there where where where it is highly controlled environment virement a no one you wanna regulatory organism like they asked me to be doing its job yes they all have the in a giant battered by reactor and not try to legislate from the office it hasn't been built yet that they're supposed to move doing kansas a or get fired just do away with u s t a n f k that doesn't seem to be being prompted to do and they don't know why i'm bringing into it but they you only see the b b reports that e f g h puts out are down and when a when asked if there is a written statement from their dna that did not dispute the findings of the report so they're not mickey counter argument to say yep that's what's happening right then explain why that's why nope just yup when were not doing as much as we did yeah oh yeah okay well fingers crossed that things will turn around exactly thinking of turning around i think i know what time it is you know i don't wanna hear about the movie oh lord shrine which job to find the good news stories raised this week so the first have is about white nose syndrome and bats we've talked about it on the show several times but it is a problem this is not the good news part of the story it's coming why no syndrome almost destroyed by populations across eastern north america it is showing no signs of stopping 'em it spreads in the winter it causes bats to leave their roof string hibernation it's a fungus we've discovered since they started reporting on it in the fungus kills the bats over several months the depletes their bats sets the bat fat stores say that much on fat and when it depletes the fat stores it forces them to expend more energy on finding food in the winter when they're normally sleeping so that is what eventually killed the bat they die of starvation or exposure to the cold the specifically the little brown bat northern along that indiana bat and try colored that populations have declined seventy ten ninety nine percent across forty four states since two thousand six so this fungus is wreaking havoc a lot of these bats are now considered functionally extinct they do not fulfill their role in the environment any longer so this is a big problem but a new study from virginia tech and you see santa cruz who is looking at these impacts of pro biotics on white knows a they found found the overall it did reduce the impact of the disease so they did this in two stages which i think is really interesting so the first thing they did is they.

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