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And you can also tell it to kick off. Plus extensible with things like an ensemble and shaft and part, and you can have it go fund, run additional bits and pieces of your own that way, so my feeling was clouding. It would probably be the better way to guy. So Lucas Vodka left a comment on our youtube channel YouTube dot com slash up into podcast towing from the perspective of someone who regularly works with both new adult Kovacs ax. Networks have one thing to say no most cable networks are made for sub one gigahertz I would only ever consider this with fresh cables with objectively good terminations in distances, not further than five meters, but thought is a few only use cable connections. Not Any TV sockets in between so this is in response to some feedback. We had about using MOCHA. adapters to use cow ax to into connect rooms overland. Yes, instead of five or instead of poem plug yeah, so instead of running fresh cat five. Or all plug on your power cables, you run. Your TV aerial cables. The point. Is this building new network? They're thinking back ten base two. It's they've got a bunch of galaxy the wall, right? That's. Okay. that. Lucas obviously on. Expert with this says do that I've known expert dope. DO A. Cat Five is not that expensive. Raymond Coats. He left a comment on our website. Mark is not alone with his experience a little. And, while this is about. Is mark sign that you go into little and you find the in the middle You buy all the food around the outside of a big. Bins in the middle. You for yourself buying ASAKUSA. And a dinghy. A wardrobe. Food. A thousand little screwdrivers! A slow March out of snow globe. And there's a chap called Karnal There's a video of him on Youtube. Singing the ballot of little alley and it's class right? Yeah, these guys even. Above bulk who Joan be canes in a stolen accounts carry. And I've been in this ball, but open a whole bunch of Irish ball's a lot like these guys. Yes, you have to listen to the song right he's. Really good, so we will include a link to that video in the show notes for fuel, twin, joy, but. Perfect, Hateley. Catches the the weird. Middle Zone of little analogy. Telegraph group found the same monitor 'em one standing by itself in local little and. Yeah. You have to listen. You have to listen to you song age. And finally Jason Armstrong emailed thinkpad core now I use I think pat pay fifty. It's lovely. It has such a good keyboard. Even has the number pad on the side..

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