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U. thirty five flanker II come within twenty five feet of a P. eight A. Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft well at high speed and inverted causing wake turbulence and putting our pilots and crew at risk over the Mediterranean days later another flanker mimicked the move over the same waters zooming in front of a P. eight and exposing the sub hunter aircraft to its jet exhaust top US officials said the incidents involved Russian pilots behaving in an unsafe and unprofessional manner well the intercepts expose a pattern of behavior from the Russian military they also show that Russia is willing to capitalize on the publicity the aerial maneuvers spring even during a global pandemic retired general Frank Goring the former commander of US air forces in Europe said the Russian military feels as if it's necessary to let everybody know that they're still on the world stage and that they're still on the scene and that they have pretty good military power in recent weeks Russia one of the world's leading oil exporters was also hit by unprecedented collapse of the market for crude oil what declining powers have to do something in quote so these actions are evil but not unexpected our navy's most senior leaders have recommended that the captain removed from his job last month after warning about a growing health crisis on its aircraft carrier be reinstated as the ship's commander chief of naval operations admiral Mike Gilday presented his recommendations to acting navy secretary James McPherson McPherson is continuing discussions with defense secretary mark esper esper will now review the full report and meet again with navy leadership to discuss next steps said Jonathan Hoffman the defense secretary spokesman who added asper remains focused on and committed to restoring the full health of the crew and getting the ship at sea again soon Hoffman said the asper was set to meet with navy leaders and that he would keep an open mind and likely support the services recommendation reinstating captain crozier as the nuclear powered carrier skipper would be a rare move for commanding officer who is publicly relieved of command but the fallout from the decision made by former acting navy secretary Thomas Mosley has left the service facing significant backlash the situation has led to several public relations firestorms first when video emerged of closures crew cheering for him and chanting his name as he walked off the ship that was followed just days later by a stunning speech Magli made to the crew aboard the Roosevelt in which he insulted closures intelligence calling him too naive or too stupid to command the ship I don't know all the facts about what captain crozier did or didn't do but I do know that when I was a commander taking care of my troops was a very very high priority and doing whatever is necessary to protect them is totally appropriate speaking of the USS Theodore Roosevelt four weeks to the day after the San Diego based aircraft carrier diverted to Guam because the corona virus was spreading on board the ship has finished testing all of its crew for the virus the latest numbers show eight hundred forty sailors tested positive for the novel coronavirus which is over seventeen percent of the roughly four thousand eight hundred forty five sailors on board some who are positive for the virus are housed on base in isolation four sailors with covert nineteen are in the hospital on naval base Guam and one sailor died from it over four thousand sailors tested negative and four thousand two hundred thirty four have moved off the ship into hotels and facilities on Guam the navy said about sixty percent of the sailors who have tested positive showed no code nineteen symptoms a Pacific Fleet spokesman said there is no definite timeline yet for when the ship plans to depart Guam the Roosevelt has been pier side in Guam since March twenty six I'm glad the crew is doing so well we do need to get that Kerrier operational as soon as we can do so safely there are indications that China is taking advantage of his absence speaking of the corona virus center navy when captain John Roderick commanding officer of the USNS mercy saw the first cases of the corona virus spreading among some of his navy medical personnel he took action to contain it the one thousand bed hospital ship is currently docked at the port of Los Angeles taking patients who need care for illnesses other than Kobe nineteen so that area hospitals have more room to focus on the pandemic but despite precautions the ship's first sailor with a confirmed case of code nineteen was reported on April eight since then eight others from the medical team have tested positive to stop any further advance the captain is moved almost all of the hospitals personnel off the ship to create more social distancing among his crew only he other senior leaders and personnel required for maintenance remain living on the ship he said quote most are treating the ship like a brick and mortar hospital they are.

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