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Martinez incomplete, that play was like a roller coaster. I mean, it thought looked like when you throw deep. Betty's under pressure from fact rule that he doesn't friend Tarkenton impression back there that he's got some space to go all the way back. Looks like it might get picked off. Bye. Blake Martinez, Fulghum grabs out of the air but not able to catch it. The risk reward. You may have to analyze your course and went second down, intend no harm done from the 44th Hand off. It's a blast going up the middle. Angling to the left is Clement. And he's tackled a giant's territory at the 49 by beach a hill So they're rotating backs here. It's been mostly Boston Scott. But in the absence of Sanders, we've seen Scott. We've seen Clem it we've seen Huntley. Really nice. 2nd 10 run with Giants only had three defensive lineman out there. Tyler factory was standing up walking around. They ran right at seven yard pick up third and three. Now they spread it with five receivers went Operating from the gun. The approach nine minutes to play second quarter. Went steps up. He's gonna run for went to the 45. He's got a first out. There was no hesitation whatsoever. He saw the whole shot through it like Martinez with tackle to bring down. Garson wins like that play called Doug Peterson. Unless whence audible to it, That's a quarterback draw right there out of empty..

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