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The machine do. All of the archers motions are really precise and exact that grasps every Arrow between the thumb and the finger. It moves its head while it aims and it shifts the bow when it releases the Arrow. At this point this little archer is more than two hundred years old and it still works. You can see videos of it online Tanakh? Other automata included Sake Cups, which behaved a lot like the tea serving dolls that we talked about earlier. Another was cody she secret ink brush. It depicted the Japanese Buddhist monk, Kobo? Daiichi who was known as Kookai during his life in the late eighth and early ninth centuries. The figure of Kobe's Day she uses a brush to draw character in the air and the character that he's drawing simultaneously appears on a separate Japanese sliding door. To knock are often left some of the thomas inner workings visible. So observers could get a hint of all the complex gears and police and other systems inside. By the age of twenty four, he said she was considered to be a master at making these AUTOMATA. He was nicknamed Kerikeri Game On. Game on was another version of the name that she and he was hoping to make his living by creating these automata and then also entertaining people with them. This was a career that combined being an engineer and inventor craftsman and entertainer all into one. He was so eager to do it and so clearly skilled at it that he convinced his father to let one of his younger brothers take his place in the family business. And then Tanaka started touring Japan with his Tomica. There's some debate about whether the techniques and innovations that were used in Kerekou influenced other Japanese technology and innovations. But when it comes to the people who made them, it's clear that someone onto make technological advances in other fields. One example Tanaka he says, she gay who we will talk about more after a sponsor break. This episode of stuff you missed in history classes brought to you by curiosity stream. I. Know I love documentaries, I'm sure a lot of you do too, and also I have some time on my hands..

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