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She going to defend the tweet which I was saying the other day. It was a one tweet Roseanne put out in ABC's to lose millions and millions of dollars, right? It's a, it's a history of racism. It's a history of ridiculous political notions. But the the tweet specifically was Moselm brotherhood plus planet of the apes equals Fiji, Valerie, Gerald. Black woman. And obviously to me, she's calling the this black woman a monkey. So sh- show Roseanne's on this show Dr ause saying, first of all, I didn't even though she was pats hair claim. Now she she had this full mount on some other things like bedrose. Like keep saying that while on ause she says, I thought she was Iranian. First of all, I'm talking about the Iran deal in the how, how it's going to ruin Israel and how it's anti Jewish pizza. That might have been the first part of her tweet because the first part was, yeah, brother play the apes and play the. She says, the stuff focusing on the word apes. She's talking about the movie having to do with uprising against your oppressors. So when you can't explain anything to me and your job is getting words perfectly, I call bullshit. But let's go back to her saying, she believed this woman. Valerie was Iranian. Okay, lot long ago at all on her personal YouTube channel. She says, she thought Valerie was white. Trying to talk about. I'm trying to talk about back the. The you've told me this three hundred times. You know that a my tweet about a, no, you've explained. This was. The bridge was why. Everybody's laughing, but that's the clip that I was talking about. I got it wrong, but she's not. She's not laughing to be. No, she's, I mean, she's like mentally called and asked me to explain my egregious and unforgivable tweet. She puts them. I thought, Valerie Jarrett was white about forty minutes after that. My show was cancelled before. Even one advertiser pulled out, and I was labeled a racist. Why you ask? Well, the answer simple, it's because I voted for Donald Trump and that is not allowed in Hollywood. They already knew you voted for Donald Trump. They already knew in the reboot of Roseanne. Roseanne was going to be a Trump supporter. So many people in Hollywood voted for like that. What's so annoying? Like onions, anything, cans, nanna land. It's like it literally is so many rich people voted for Trump like in Hollywood. And then she brings up the Ambien. I took an Ambien and I've talked to people and people people have made breakfast in full turkeys, eight it. You know, the story. Like I heard a friend of a friend that made a full Turkey, so that's about four hours eight and woke up the chicken bones on the wall. So why are you bringing up that you on Ambien? When you said this tweet, if you just explained how the tweet wasn't evil, you just explain your tweet was misrepresented. What does that have the do with fewer high on cocaine? You're standing by the right way. You meant the tweet, who cares what you were on them was advocate. No, it's it's. It's too much. There is no devil's advocate anymore because I can't care this much about someone else's mishap. That's what it comes down to even if this is an doodle and and and even if you have a series of doodles, I can't care this much because because I would have been fired from a job and I would have been like, all right. And I'm not rich and I don't wanna be like, oh, you're richer, fine. But you stand, you stand behind a lot of this, but I'm supposed to get your back when you don't stand behind it. And then when you flip flop back and forth, I can't care that much all make up with norm Donald set an interview. Just let them talk more and take. Don't make up what we're saying. Bar meant. Wait for her next interview. I heard the norm Donald interview in full on Howard Stern. He was there to apologize for his comments about. Fending Louis CK, saying Louis c. k. lost everything in a day in these women victims didn't have to go through that. He don't will Dan repeated exactly in no way. Was that print article misleading? You don't have to make up the fence. Let them talk more. I also have to mind that I think everyone's brain essentially eventually might work like mine. I have to.

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