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Clear and cold tonight and low thirty nine in midtown awesome suburbs will see temps in the upper twenties with a hard freeze overnight tomorrow looks like we'll start the weekend with mostly sunny skies and a high of fifty three then Sunday sun will mix with some clouds mid forties when the marathon starts high fifty two though later in the day and a bit breezy looking ahead to Tuesday we can expect milder temperatures with a high in the lower sixties more people get their news from ten ten wins than from any other radio station in the nation fell palato is our service say Tom offer is our writer runny stern is at the editor's desk this morning I'm Donavan this give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good morning fifty degrees eleven o'clock on this Friday November first time Larry canter and here's what's happening a little girl in new Rochelle is on the man she suffered broken bones last night when a tree fell on her with four weeks ago Macy's announces the line up for its thanksgiving parade balloon Meghan Markle goes around way when it comes to granting a newspaper interview the CDC goes to the movie sand is disturbed by all the smoking on screen ten ten wins accu weather mostly sunny windy high today fifty six a jury Recco week nine of the NFL opened with the forty Niners beating the cardinals nets and rockets the line Brooklyn the Knicks are in Boston the devil's face off with the flyers and the islanders host the lightning this is Sandra day Bloomberg decent though unspectacular job report helps power Wall Street higher the Dow gaining two hundred fifty three ready or not and I'll bet you're.

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