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Go ahead. Did the president? Politically. The question of the reporters did the president underestimate you politically. Can assure the public land anything that the president will do? But I do have to say I'm optimistic. I see every challenge your every crisis as an opportunity and opportunity to do the right thing for the American people and at the same time make people aware of what the decisions like I said and just a little bit of Chuck Schumer. Nancy? Hey, Chuck, can you move those glasses just a little further down your nose. Can you look a little more ever? Neither Scrooge like Chuck, truck speaking. Now, he's gonna answer me. Oh, we suggested I suggested to leader McConnell that we use a conference committee format that conference committee has Democrats and Republicans house and Senate sitting at a table has worked very listen. I use the allergy that Trump is a Caterpillar d nine bulldozer, and he met his match Mansi Pelosi's also a Caterpillar denied bulldozer. You know, equal models equal horsepower. And yet, listen, Trump, Trump has met his match, and guess what? Some might not want to hear this. But Trump does have a degree of respect for Nancy Pelosi and the power and the strength and the resolve that she brings even though I disagree with over every bone in fiber in my body. Hey, rich. You know, so rich and White Plains try to hang if he seemed fee needs to hold over. Or if he got his point out sue put rich back on hold and we'll go right back to phones in just a bit..

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