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But these are players that if you're saying like, oh, well any other weeks, you know, fuller and angular would have been on my bench, which they're not he plays him every week. But it's like if they had been then like, I don't know drop them and get people that are better. I think everybody every week should be trying to get better. And I see too many too many people sitting on fucking shitty wide receivers to tell me that they're trying to get better. No, I get that. But yeah, I think will fuller is definitely one of those players that like you feel like if you drop that's the we keep puts up thirty. But as far as like Marvin Jones, you could drop him. He hasn't done nothing this year. Like what you did last year in the previous year before that it's not being replicated. He can drop him easy. He was a breakout star last year. And he's the third guy on that on that receiving core this year. Yep. But no, no. So now, you'll are can also beat you're right about dropping. So I would dropped. Yeah. Marvin Jones and angular. I probably would keep willfuller because like he will, you know, he's one of those players that you use weeks like this where like oh, my star wide receivers on a by will fuller, Ken put up, you know. He's playing fuller every week like he's a starter. Oh, that's the problem yet. He needs to get them out as lineup. Like he's meant to be a bye week player. He's not meant to be your starring I feel like he could pack some of those guys together like angular people that guys that other people already is going to be good this year. I could've package them together. And try to get something else for him by now. Yeah. Might be too late now. Because like I think the rest of everybody in the world could kind of see what they are. Somebody brothers just kinda sticking on them. Somebody might fall for it. Yeah. Give them to Chris. Give them will fuller and agile are go get in Tokyo Brown. He got he got beat my beat down by eighteen and any any needed it. He deserved one twenty two respective, and it is it's it's hard to say it was it was a beatdown. But it's hard to say he didn't do. Well, because one twenty two is great. He is his defense. Really was was is kicker are what basically the fucking hate or. What kept him respectable. Yeah. Yeah. To all year that defenses kept him in a lot of games. So your brother sucks talking about somebody else sucks. Corron? We're going to me. But okay now, you guys are last. We're the bane of don't make me last. I think you're matchup should be less. No are matchup was clearly the main event it gets covered last. Yeah. Absolutely. Now this match figure polka doom. A great wrestling reference e yes, e thanks for the thanks for the courtesy chuckle. I know you had no clue what that meant. But if you need. Yeah. There is there's a classic thing. In wrestling longtime at a whole Cogan was gonna fight Kevin ash. And it was this whole thing. Like, oh my God. They're going to fight each other. And it's for the belt and built and yes like made a vet. It was like a big deal. Yeah. And it was the end of your kind of imploding on itself, and they came out Hogan's just pokes. Kevin Nash in the chest. He throws himself backwards onto the ground HOGAN pins, and it's like Chem Nash, basically handing the belt over to piss people off because it was like it just treated the belt like joke. Like, if you're Kevin Nash. Why would you just hand over the belt? Why did we hype this match and it only lasts like three seconds? It was like it was treated like a joke. Like all these things. So. Yeah. Brandon ended that was w that was WCW, right? Yes. It was known as a finger polka doom was that on nitro. I believe it was on nitro. Yeah. I was nitro guy. You see? So I was a nitro guy. I remember when they came over. I remember the invasion. I was there for show wrestling show. By wrestling part of this the wrestling show wrestling show. But when I was a kid, I didn't know there was an invasion..

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