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By the way I Kinda WanNa you know since the guy I don't WanNa woman currently micro woman to be James Bond. I mean what the fuck are we doing. No I mean. It's an hour so stupid. Well they changed the name or will it still be Shane bond or something. The Jamie Bond. Fuck it's Gigi your own superhero. I'm with you Marlboro Man. Your own script Greenwich. He's the guy what the fuck it can be similar to James Bond peyot marched James Bond. Fan either right. Dad was even not like that. I never got into it. Alex Hello WHO's this. Hey who's this James Kirk James. How you doing buddy was a big fan of the show? I take it Ah every single. Listen to thank you very much. I was a fenway park. Yesterday doing a periscope radio. I'm not sure if you're aware of that or not washed it this morning. Thank you for that so knowing owing me. It sounds like you know this show very well. Do you think I'd WanNa react to that. Play the sound of it be ready to go and kind of the theme of the show. Today yeah okay the one thing we can do to Paris scumbags you watch battle summer. Why don't you ask the producer James? That's Steve How much sound he had ready for that James the floors. It'd be a lot of me. Well he might but once you ask James James Oh I s. e.. Yes go ahead. Why don't you WANNA play it? That's not that I don't WanNa play it. I didn't cut it up yesterday. What the.

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