Obama State Department, Acer, Brian Stelter discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Taking the phone call one of the great one number one we start with one facts that thank you for being brave enough to not only go on your radio show and expose basically the spying from the obama state department and the obama controlled fbi but you are also brave enough to go on fox friends with p x set the next day you remember acer oh yes yes listen mark i saw that episode there that that in the i think actually held you through the break and you stayed on a little bit longer it was beautiful marks that's why we need people lake you in this country to push the truth no couple of quit bulletins okay house we fight against the liberal media as far as like brian stelter from the socalled what i like to say on reliable sources seen that sean hannity one in a miracle lost because basically that i i consider that grouping him you in late breitbart news and a lot of other conservative media outlets why can only speak for myself in the course xi'an's very very dear friend of mine but i can tell you brian stelter is a complete horses ass he's a complete clown in march when i was discussing this on the radio ticket begging me to come on his show and i said why would i come on your show i mean it's not like we're actually and i have an opportunity to discuss this stuff he is an apparatchik if he were in the old soviet union he would be a a state media personality in this country he is a state media personality because the democrats and the left control the meet the control the bureaucracy and then many of the courtrooms in this country i mean trump's election was unexpected very unwelcome by cnn and msnbc and the progressive movement and they're trying to put an end to it he is a very dumb guy he is not in any respect inquisitive like a journalist ought to be and you might remember chris that at the time that he was doing his little slime job and jake tapper was done his lewis line job but in particular him and i wrote an open letter to him.

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