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Okay bye by this has been the brown chicken brown cow show i am sean that is miss laura highness laura hi i'm still your if you want to learn more about the show or help us you absolutely can log onto bbc bbc podcast dark from also go out to our youtube channel in subscribed they're liking subscribing give us a review on i find us on all of europe podcast grabbers that you have out there and also we are a five oh one c three company he so if you want to donate to help keep the show going please get in tact with us we'll give you all the details on that i'm do i do i miss anything before you did everybody should consider checkout our patriots page at i believe it's patriots dot com slash pcbc podcast you can get some money help us keep the show running up you know getting all the getting all the information out there so like that out to your able so thanks for joining us for this month about disability and sexual if you missed anything go back in the past episodes am i hearing myself oh yeah oh yeah gone to echo i think we can just end it by for information on becoming a sponsor advertising with us or becoming a guest on her show visit us at brown chicken brown cow show dot com all information in this show is copyright two thousand eighteen by the brown chicken brown cow show and podcast and mary you creative solutions all rights reserved.

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