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'cause we'll get a note tomorrow you know my died. Yeah you know. And they go on and this is the same with my sisters. You know i've got Willow in influenza near florence italy. And you know they are. They've been locked down. They got out that lockdown again And so they had a like a nine page obituary in the newspaper and that really freaked her out and i think one of their friends who was sixty and had lung issues died. And you can't have when that happens to someone who was a close friend and to actually texting with just ten days before everything seemed fine. Then then what happens is people go on. I two killer. It's killer without really understanding Particularly looking at the excess death numbers that no actually it could have happened in any other any other number of ways with that person again. Not a doctor. But we can read cracks cracks quack. Cracks cracks quacks. Yes quacks. And i think that's i think that's all we have on the on the on the on the ronan. Yeah i think that's it for now. I would like to discuss some of the things going on with this election. Oh goody yes. I saw that you had Some series of clips. And i think. I have not listened to them. I have not seen. But i know what it's about are you. Are you gonna launch into that. Because i'm interested. Yes i'm going to launch into the crackpot side of trump's gonna be in stay in office and do i get to interject after i want you to hear checked anytime you want. Just don't want you to to to hijack the no notice. I will not hijack the presentation. Let's go with this start with a group of people and it turns out a lot of them aren't is low on this website. You want to hear the great great great great crackpots. They're all on bright on. Bright on is a A video channel. That has all these different podcasts of some video some not and It has people like and bright on his own by an run by mike. Adams is it brady. I think it's bright. Neon right could be blake. Yana bright bright on. Okay mike adams is that national news guy and we always are skeptical of natural news stories. The health ranger is the health health. Ranger yes. I love listening to the health ranger well. I've got a bunch of mike adams clips. I wanna listen to. Because he's really the de is the real kingpin amongst this group. And there's a whole group of those gary. He even got something from him. Steve quayle there's this woman Sheila's alinsky there's this one guy do. I'm really fascinated with which is when i got. I got a sheet of stuff from him. You can find it. This guy is. I tried to get clips from this character. he's got a bunch of pot guessing. He's always on bright brady on. Also his is jeffrey. Prater bio okay. he does. he's really out there. But if you read his bio you start to scratch your head. A little bit. Jeffrey pray. There is a retired army officer x and this is from his own website and he's got pictures of himself all this in military garb on the back of horse is choking out some guy. That's chokhin guy out. Jeffrey paraders retired army officer ex. D da special agent former g. a. intelligence officer turned a whistle blower and then targeted by the government. Of course you so targeted. I never heard of in addition to hosting his own. Call in weekly talk show. The prater point is also a martial arts master and teacher apache wisdom teacher connecticut quotient creator and trainer firearms and horsemanship instructor published author. Sag film actor speaker father husband and chaplain and in his spare time. So that's kind of his background. So i looked into this guy's best i couldn't if he does have a lincoln page as you're gonna play clinton this guy. We're just going to read his. I can't i've done introducing because i'm introducing him as part of this cult. I said and i've tried it. I believe me. I wanted to clip. This guy is this bio and the rest of is more entertaining than he is. He is just impossible the clip. He's one of those guys who never gets to the point. Okay is impossible. I tried and tried. But most of it is summarized by. Mike and mike adams has the same. They're all the same all these guys. Melissa listen to mike adams and this is about the election where we're at all this coming all that's coming down. This is the mike adams zero. You get a flu for zero zero intro. No joke full on. Bolshevik kinetic revolution to mass murder trump supporters in the streets. Which is something the actor robert deniro just basically called for. I don't have the exact quote but paraphrasing what he said today. Robert deniro is calling for ethnic cleansing against white christian people who are trump supporters in america. So here we have. Hollywood losing their minds again now. Some of these statements are coming from leftist because they think biden has one and they think they're in power now so now they're they're true darkness is coming out whether like. Kill all the trump people you know. Just kill them. All and criminalize trump prosecute him. You've heard this from other democrats as well. They want to prosecute the entire trump family. Throw them all in. Jail sees all their assets and so on. I think it's awesome that they're saying this because number one. I know that trump is very likely going to win this. Okay so it sounds like yeah was true. Deniro did come out with some stupidity. But he's an idiot and scott adams has gone odd. They're gonna try to kill the trump in seventy million people voted for trump. I mean this. It's okay it's interesting kind of paranoia and make some sense as entertaining. It just gets a little more interesting when when atoms goes into some of the things he's heard that is dead are going to happen any minute now and this is one of my favorite ones is right here. This is mike games. One reparations Hold on a second something that i hold on. I can't see one okay yes. I'm sorry i got enough. Nestle my clouded up the the democrats they want. Joe biden in power but the globalist. They don't the globalist. Want to take down america and by globalist george soros and other international all the enemies of america such as china for example. They don't want america to exist at all as founded so they're actually competing interests among the enemies of trump. And this is. This is why this is important. See the democrats. They love the idea of stealing the election and putting joe biden in the white house so they can push all of their crazy insane left wing agendas and one of those that just surfaced today. Was this new idea pushed by some biden people. I think some democrats who say once biden's in the white house. They want to seize farmland from farmers across america using eminent domain. And then give out that land to black people and then have the. Usda provide grant money to train. Those reno referee recipients to train them how to farm okay so where to begin with how bad this idea is number one. Why are they assuming that the farmland that they're going to be seizing isn't being seized from black farmers who are trying to make a living on their farmland. Why are they assuming it. All farmers or white.

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