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May sound like snoring. But it can also sound like a car. Those suffering from sleep apnea or seven times more likely to be involved in or caused a fatal car accident. From high. Times more likely to suffer a stroke. In ten times more likely to suffer a heart attack in their sleep. While it may only sound like snoring. Sleep apnea is a serious and even life threatening condition. But it can be successfully treated. Insult with an oral and facial surgeon is part of a sleep medicine team to find out if your snoring is more than just north gerwin facial surgeons are the experts in face mouth and Joe surgery. Learn more about obstructive sleep apnea at my mascot. This week's top TV streams, here's what you've been watching on TV this week kicking things off is the real housewives of Atlanta. The Bravo reality show takes fifth-place this week hanging onto the number four spot again is via two ones Rupa's drag race Allstars and the fourth season is underway. Next over on the hallmark channel it season six of wind caused the heart starring Lori Loughlin, your number three TV stream back to Bravo. For second place. It's new hit drama dirty. John and finally for the third week in a row Vander pump. Roles is your number one TV stream that's this week's top TV streams on iheartradio. If.

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