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Is you've to go and work for people to understand as much what is it is as what it isn't it and i so i had left per se and i was trying to decide i knew i wanted to work in a pastry kitchen and i had this conversation with myself i was like okay will which where do you want to go and work and mike i had two paths one of the path was to go on working craft carrying the mask was the pacific craft in she had just laundry fhios rotron after grammercy day exactly and she had just come under the tutelage of claudia fleming who is the pastry chef at grammercy tavern and that was like super duper like warm clever americana the cole brothers rosemary this shit light at englewood i knew that this like americana spirit and this like warm nostalgia through desserts was something that really appeal to me but would you ended up doing what you're doing with milk bar now is fascinating but that is like do you could see those those strands of that and there but what you're doing now didn't exist then which is offering a you didn't know where you would be entire tires but they didn't exist yet it did it and you don't even know what's in you until you start to like give yourself the grace of time through these different experiences says like all right i can either go and work at craft or and by can it's more like would like to you would like to pursue that caused that or i want to go and work for widely defraying a deputy fifty mason as a pastry chef the type couldn't be like kind of more polar opposite ratner us ride like they were all about this like manipulation of these clever concepts and food through what some people calmly lucky luke molecular astronomy though if you ask either.

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