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Like losing the having an lose or Arab people and all of them are like, Erin PICO. That's because they thought that was a slam dunk. And I think that you know, they're not we're going to mitt that. But I think that the thought was he's going to kick off his reign then got set back, but I feel like we're firmly. And now he's got a veteran guys face. I think is the perfect match for him this point in time hinder Carl's, right? He's won four or five dollars one like four or five fights in Rohe's tough, dude. I think that it'd be if he showcases well, I feel like we're going to be entering into that space a little bit because they do get this nice no competition weekend. I feel like people paying attention to the fight. And he's going. I if if he does what he's been doing he takes Houston Ford. And I think he has that potential to be their guy. I mean, they're guy at the very top of the Jimmy ask you bear to question for a second. If peco becomes who we think he can be and want him to be how does Bill to keep them long-term on ships. Take what do they do? Do get into own swim with that money. What do they do to keep him? I'm not sure signed people to bring them over. Let them do boxing matches. Let him go for do some kind of or amateur wrestling for money or some unlimited picograms, whatever you wanna do the he should have his last name B R nicknamed grams. I'm sure it's gonna every idiot on Twitter. But I'm not sure that's a that's a challenge that Scott Coker gonna have. That's I don't have to worry about that right now. Because I think even he recognized that still waiting to have the win at your back in terms of your matchmaker. Because Henry Corrales is interesting choice because he's the best of that division has to offer and came up short against the better ones. However to your point he is a pretty formidable striker bites down the mouthpiece kinda guy to when he needs to be so peco's, not careful Corrales is not the guy to play too many games, and he can sleep people too. So he's got a lot of knockouts wreck. He's he's a very very interesting test PICO if you fight up to his potential should win this, no problem. But he's got to fight up. There's potential that's sort of the he's been more reckless against lesser competition. But I feel he had any lakes to stand on to be reckless that all coming off of that. I think it was the aggression that he went after Leandra ego with I was like, you know, I couldn't you would think you would think a knockout like in his debut like. Had it will pull him back a little bit. But no Alaska rookie Ben day Haas who who is very I like James, James Gallaher. I've met James gal her in person. He actually is the sweetest kid people. Don't think that because all you see on TV is this like over the top brash guy. But in person, it's the total opposite. So in any event, he got his come up four getting in day Haase's face bend. They of course, had legendary when he's back in action against the very challenging one or Gillette, so three five on that car definitely pay attention to. It's actually pretty good card in the arms making his debut on that car on the freedoms though. Right. Yeah. Right. Jack Jack slack. We're just not gonna Jake because this is why the coke is like coca card because back in the Herschel Walker a bible lash, you always had that guy was getting his chance. I have no strong in one way or the other before I condemn or before I praise I would like to see how he looks to me. It's interesting. These fighting the guy puts the cheese inside the hotdogs in my local gas. They gotta be, you know, it's probably a pretty full diet..

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