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And which is the dream in which is reality. he's trying. I think the purpose of that story is. He's trying to shake up our our confidence that we know. What's going on that The in this particular case. I think what he's he's targeting his fear of death so right now we're living we think won't be die. It's going to be horrible. But how do we know. We don't know what's going to happen So he's he's he wants cultivate Epidemically kind of humbleness. And that's he's using that. Skeptical argument is a way to get us to think of. Maybe we don't really know what the right way to be is it Contrast with descartes descartes does skeptical exercise and says now i will rebuild everything -pletely firm basis drunk. They serve deal with it. Who knows this is how the world is. We don't know demons willing devon's all the way down right. We just don't know but it's a i think it's a jong uses metaphysics seizes logic. Sometimes but in a way that deconstructs lodge at he probably was trained as a login. So actually it didn't mention another school of early chinese thought which were the legit so these people thought you could capture the structure of reality in words so know. Words categories that map onto distinct groups of objects in the world. And then you could. If you could come up with a completely logical inaccurate way of constructing sentences with these terms you could have an abstract account of reality and abstract account it to act in the right way. The lowest going on in china. Yeah so they were logical positivist long before they logical positivist and they never took off. So it's interesting. That jong was probably trained is one of these people. Because he uses is not always picked up by translators but he's often using terms in a technical logical sense in the standard way. The words used So he seems to have been trained in this approach in that abandoned and thought that it wasn't the way to live properly and when you say technological sends mean not technological technical commerce logical sense. Is that what we think of as you know. Syllogisms deductions inductive kind of reasoning..

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