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He made a whole series of predictions. Five ten fifteen years he. He's still alive today. Almost ninety he lived to see every one of his predictions. Paula go belly up. England be a blue steam. We would have mass. Famine oil would run out and ten years. there was going to be resource scarcity. He was proposing things like forced sterilization agents adding sterilization agents to your water This was scary stuff but what we find is almost. It's almost eugenics level. It was absolutely directly affect his contemporaries of the time. Some of his proposals. Compared them to nazi germany's in terms of that he also worked with john. Holdren who was later. Obama science are and they did a whole series of books and testimonies together where they laid out this whole you of eugenics philosophy. In fact john holdren in the nineteen seventies lamented. That people should not be allowed to get in their car drive to the supermarket. Get a six pack and drive home that that was not earth friendly. That had to stop in here. We are fast forward to today's headlines. They're talking about eliminating private car. Ownership that talking about making car so expensive giving us roving fleets rental electric cars in the words of democrat candidate andrew yang when he's running for president so nothing has changed. I devote a whole chapter in this book. The nine hundred seventy s global cooling scare and literally the cia the mainstream media time newsweek scientists writing letters from academia to president nixon warning of the ice age before fossil fuels global warming fossil fuels caused global cooling. They were worried are aerosol. Were blocking the sun. So the solution identical raves. Like the green new deal. I go point by point. Everything from sovereignty limiting treaties wealth redistribution limiting freedom. It sounds like st laurent thunder. Because we've got time. But how is it that in every instance whether it is the population getting too much mouth using whether it is they new ice age whether it is global warming. Whatever it is the answer is always the same mark. Yes big government and less freedom for you. So it's the same always in more power for them and that's really what it is if you go back the simplest way to explain every environmental scare since the overpopulation. Bomb late nineteen sixties. Every scare is literally the same solutions that that no matter. What the the scariest weird. Because if it's a different threat why would the solution be the same. It's because the threat is is laid out in hyped and promoted by people whose only world view of the progressive left the administrative state. Control when you go back to woodrow wilson's vision of the idea of unelected bureaucrats and from the executive body ruling every aspect of your life in other words. We're too stupid. How we decide in the era of covert whether to send our kids to school. How do we know whether we can leave the house of not experts. We haven't studied this. We don't have phd's and public health. It's the same mentality here. This is the attitude of the paul. Ehrlich's john holdren is the hour. We know what's best we're going to make these regulations and aspect every aspect of your life. So we'll get to the green deal. What happened then was essentially the solutions. Where the green new deal with bell-bottoms in the nineteen seventies. that's what we had was really virtually. No de let's talk about the vaunted. Un study the climate study and the consensus forty million. Scientists ninety nine thousand nine hundred. One hundred. Twelve percent of them agree mark. I'm not a scientist. I got a phd in political science. But i'm not a empirical scientist but i know enough. The science isn't a question of consensus. You don't vote as to whether gravity exists or not. That's not the scientific method so talk to us about this consensus on climate change. I i used to work in the senate environment of public works committee under jim inhofe when he was the chairman of that committee. This was a bama's first term and the end of the bush administration and we had the same claims. These claims have been around. They started we trace them back to early. Nineteen thousand nine hundred. Al gore's first book was earth in the balance. One thousand nine hundred ninety one. Nine hundred eighty two came out and he was literally talking about all scientists agreeing that before. We even had any semblance of a debate. What they've done is they claim this number of nine hundred percent so there's no one who supports climate action has to know a darn thing about the science. All you have to do is also. I disagree if you're you're dealing with toothpaste. Are you gonna use the toothpaste that four out of five. Dennis recommend the other brand. You're gonna use the one the four out of five dennis shoes. That's what they do. It's an intimidation tactic. Now in the book goes through the first book you mentioned politically incorrect and green fraud. I explained that not only is ninety seven percent complete fallacy. It's not true it's not true and they're not even scientists the majority of them not vaulted. Us painting anthropologists economists everyone from the united nations policy experts but what they did is one of the un lead authors looked at one of the studies and he said it was a study and he said it literally was. The ninety. Seven percent was pulled from thin air. Nothing in this study supports that claim. This is the other study came out. It was ninety. They claimed a ninety. Seven percents consensus. It turned out was seventy-seven anonymous scientists based on they base that on. We don't know the scientists name what university they work for. All they did was answer. A two questions survey can humans contribute to warming is the earth warming and they scientists seventy five out of seventy seven said. Yes this is completely made us by the way. Al gore on cnn recently upped it to ninety nine percent. So somehow superset manila explanation. Well i mean from the man who invented the internet. We've got to trust him right. Now is the founder of climate depot dot com. Check it out right now. Climate depot dot com. It's a brand new book. i think it is. Yes we love it rig nery. It's green.

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