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You mentioned that your parents split. How old were you when they split? About 5, actually. Yeah. Do you think that in some ways motivated your determination to do more than what your dad did? Yeah, definitely, 'cause I used to dread gun, my dad, my dad was a good bloke, and I don't get me wrong, I'm still very close to them now, but it was like all my Friends were at home. It was like every other week and it was, you know, I couldn't wait to stop it to be fair. And I don't want that with my kids. I want them to feel like they've got two homes. They're the same and it's just normal. And we're at a stage now where that is normal. I hope it continues. Find it really interesting area because my kids, I think, very much see my place as home. And I think in some ways, I quite like it like that. I'm embarrassed to admit it. But why? We're human, aren't we? We have emotions. You're not going to say, oh, I love it that they see my exes as their home, and they don't love it. Of course, you're not going to do that. I mean, that would be dishonest, wouldn't it? You want your children to want to be with you more, don't you? It's just life. I talk to a woman we call demander in the first part of this series, and we discussed our shared personal experience that after divorce men tended to pursue other relationships and put their needs first. But Ryan's having none of that. No, I definitely not. I mean, my ex is living with someone and moved on really quickly and he was in the house within under a year. So and I haven't, you know, it's me and the kids and actually, I kinda like it like that. You know, I give them my full attention. I don't rely on anyone financially or for any help with them. It is me. So are you actively not looking for a relationship, you know? I've been seeing people. There's been no one here in the morning. No, no, no, definitely not. You wouldn't want to do that. No, why not? I like it in the morning, the kids jump in my bed. Do you know what I mean? We get up, we have our little routine. Yeah. I'm not saying it won't happen, but you know, right now it's not my priority. Kids at work. Your ex has got a new partner. Yes. I knew she was seeing someone. It felt to me fairly quick. I definitely didn't deal with it well. I think my Friends will tell you that. To a point where they sort of all had like a private WhatsApp group and they came around one night and they were like, Joe, like, 50 miles to come around there because obviously a bit worried about me and they sort of came around and they were like, look, sort yourself out..

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