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Annoying. And he has that place. His friends who could see would walk. I'm in the dark here. His friends who can see what walk up and punch him because they wouldn't see it coming. Let's get him to quiet down. Powerful stuff. Give me all you got. What else have you got over with the news desk Christy Lee? Here's a shock, according to a new study, plants make a sound when they're hurt. Or under a kinds of stress. I told you this when I first moved to West Virginia back in the 70s, I lived with a couple that she made jute plant hangers on the macrame. We went to the grocery store one night and we're just walking along and she spent, I don't know, 30 to 45 minutes moving the plants out of the way because she said she could hear them scream when people would have their carts and bump into them as they walked off. Well, researchers first seen in my biopic, by the way. Were you married to this lady? No, no, it was another guy's gal. A single at that time. Another man's problem. Situation? Why did we ever teach him that? We didn't. You know? I often sit here and wrestle with talking or not. OPP. Yeah, you know me. That's part of the other people. They looked at me like I was nuts when I said that. Other people's dreams. Researchers placed tobacco and tomato plants in a soundproofed acoustic box that were rigged with ultrasonic microphones. And the tobacco plants said, hey, got a smoke. Yeah. Isn't that interesting? Tobacco plants just coughed. Researchers discovered that when stressed, the plants emitted sounds that were similar to the pop of popcorn. You know, Christy, Lewis and Clark, they were addicted to

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