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Angels, coming up from. Anaheim, stadium Rockies lost last, night Ten to seven and they're, still? One, game. Back of the d backs the Deepak Scott beat as. Well got shut up with the giants right yeah. Johnny it's they could be, a spoiler here down the stretch there's still a pretty. Good baseball to your. Question we've, been, talking Broncos football and there was a. Story, that we found this morning it's from NBC news, in fact David I talked about this over. The weekend I I saw the story when we were in Baltimore and. The story is that The high school football scene here in the United, States is on the decline They say that the numbers peaked for American, high school football. In two thousand nine in two thousand ten at one point one million players and, since then it's been trending down and. They say, in, the last two years it's. Been trending down quite a bit in fact overall it's a seven percent decline And they said most. Of that in the last two years and the reason is that it's parents. That are concerned about concussions and head. Trauma and other injuries you can get in football so it's not necessarily the. Kids not wanting to. Play its parents kind of discouraging them. To play is what it sounds like to me. And they also pointed out in the NBC story in the state of Ohio the numbers were way down in a I, grew up a. Kid playing football in Ohio and football's king in Ohio it's a big deal high, school football is a big deal so. They're kind, of, surprised me a little bit And Dave's. Been coaching. High school football for how. Many years now twenty years twenty six twenty six Is it John talks, is in Florida too they didn't say. That because those are big high school states to California to, but, just overall the nation it's down and so a couple, of things I wanted to ask? You, Dave you been coaching a, longtime based on what you. See what are your thoughts on that well the couple of things. I, I understand parents being concerned, I think parents have every right, to raise their in this case well I was gonna. Say sons but there are girls playing football so raise their child the way they want to my my take would be that concussions Can you get, a concussion played football you certainly. Can the key thing is the care after the concussion and we have seen, a tremendous change in how we identify. How the medical teams identify concussions and then how they treat, concussions, in how careful they are with respect to allowing the, the brain to for lack of? Better, terms and might be incorrect, rejuvenate itself in he'll and. Then the athlete is is fine so I if you look at. Any, sport today it's, it's problematic, if you're trying to eliminate the, potential of any sort of concussion football's a collision sport. Lacrosse has a number of concussions Girls soccer with with girls and, boys heading the. Ball can cause concussion like symptoms so again I think for me. Personally I have not seen a cherry creek we have Last year. We had probably thirty five freshmen. Come out which was a little troublesome I I was thinking okay that's the lowest. Number we've, ever had this year, we, have fifty five so you so I. Don't know I haven't. Seen it I just think that You know if if I'm not gonna I'm. Not gonna get into parenting somebody else's child so I understand the trying to do. Whatever they think is the best possible thing I. Understand them being concerned, and worried about it I would suggest they they investigate the the how concussions are treated in the particular school that their child is, going to go to talk, to, the, coach talk to the training staff say listen how do you? Deal with concussions and what's the protocol here what that that would be the way that I, would, go now when I was. A kid I I gravitated towards contact sports, that's, what I, wanted to play football hockey boxing you know all of the all. Of, the sports you can. Get, hurt in yeah that's what I. Like now I didn't have. Boys to girls if. I had a boy They wanted to play football I let him play football, and, I'd be excited about it. I would too but I wouldn't push him, into, football no, if he wasn't interested I wouldn't go Nelson you got to play. Football, I don't think I. Don't think you know smart parents push their kids to do anything There's. A difference between pushing them into an. Encouraging right there's the difference. Would encourage them but you wouldn't be apathetic about he wouldn't. Be like a, whatever you know what I mean like. Hey. You choose right that's, right once you start. It you're gonna finish it. See I think I'm very interested in finding, out I think we're ways off on this Because people were. Concerned about CTE long-term effects of concussions And what that might mean down the road I get that I would be interested in knowing if there are people. That have suffered, from CTE that never? Never played sports and? If so how does that happen how does that happen I find it hard to believe that the only people that suffer from CTE are people that have played collision sports and have suffered some form of head trauma Right I it just doesn't it just doesn't? Ring. True to, me, but we don't we don't have, scientific evidence of it let me ask you this is that you have a lot of athletes. Football players. Out there who said. That they won't let their sons play football so is that because of the concussions or is, that because they know what their bodies are going to feel, like after they're done playing. A little, bit of both right I mean listen even at the high school level so difficult game to prepare to commit yourself to prepare physically to get ready. To play football. That's tough, it's tough on kids now I? Think there's life lessons there. That can be learned that will benefit them moving on but make no mistake about it is if it were easy everybody would be doing it so yeah I think I think guys that played in college for a long time in. The NFL they, may look at sort? Of how they feel? Now sixty now I'm blessed you know do I have aches and pains I do every single day do I have friends that never played football that are six Fifty Do so I think you've got to live your. Life you can't live your life in a bubble and be scared of every single decision and, think, okay what does that mean for? Me twenty years from. Now heck. You nobody's guaranteed to be around, tomorrow but I understand from a former player, standpoint, guys I've directed. Cat we've all. Talked I have teammates that are really banged. Up I, mean really banged up and, they're, they're they're, like, man I don't. Know I if I had a, son I don't know if I'd. Won, well if he had to go through what you're experiencing right, now I get. It I completely get. It let's keep this going on the other. Side we've got track.

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