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Little traffic tip line at four seven nine twenty three thirty six next report in ten minutes I'm Bobbie Ellis news radio eight forty WHAS I'm walking one zero to Suzanne Forgan windy weather intentionally in some areas with some scattered shower and thunderstorm activity expected winds gusting anywhere from thirty to thirty five miles per hour and temperatures in the lower to middle seventies overnight rate drop down to about forty nine degrees partly cloudy skies for tomorrow windy weather expected with highs in the lower sixties I'm WLKY meteorologists using an organ cloudy in seventy five at news radio eight forty WHAS our top story a new shelter has opened for locals homeless pets Paul miles has details it said eleven billion dollars state of the art animal shelter on Newburgh road are homeless pets now have a great place to recover and hopefully find a forever home metro animal services director Ozzie Gibson the new facility can house up to two hundred thirty five animals and includes a clinic to offer spay and neuter services vaccinations and microchip being bear Fisher we have to accept every animal that shows up whether it's a boa constrictor donkey a pot belly pig we got sick of all the animal care facility is located next to the animal house adoption center Paul miles news radio eight forty WHAS a Kentucky lawmaker has pre filed legislation that would make it more difficult for minors to get their hands on vaping products representative Jerry Miller says he's pre filing B. R. four sixty eight which is an act to control regulate the sale of flavored and enhanced vapor products the legislation would require all story stores that sell vapor enhanced products to register with Kentucky.

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