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This week we've got new music from paul mccartney and indie music machine and some hip hop for the brexit era here to take us through the weekend music is john schaffer host of wnyc's new sounds hey john jamie so john paul mccartney just released two tracks from his upcoming album egypt station now mccartney's post beatles solo work doesn't always hearken back to the good old days but help out these anything like the beatles stuff there actually are some beatles he touches there's a brass band and an electric sitar that appear in the chorus but for the most part this is one of his post beatles simple kinda goofy songs think of wonderful christmas time or silly love songs and yeah they're simple in their goofy but he owns that and he gets away with it got a big papi kinda chorus it's easy to enjoy the b side of this old fashioned single by paul mccartney is much more pensive song called i don't know which might actually be a better piece of songwriting it's just not nearly as much fun to listen to and egypt station the new paul mccartney record will come out on september seventh and wnyc's got new podcast it's called american fiasco about the disastrous showing by the us men's soccer team at the ninety eight world cup on one thing i didn't realize john is that the podcast theme music is a collaboration between members of the national and bony they're they're gearing up for an even bigger convening of indie musicians can you tell us a little bit about that.

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