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And so de devante Booker was on the field and but he led him snap percentage of those three running backs. And if you look at by a bud hair, but well, regardless, he was still there and there's a metric, and then you know, Booker was on the field way too much, but do does anybody here think the cardinals are going to be up where the Broncos are going to be having to run their two minute offense for half of the game. No, I actually, I agree. Remember how bad latavius Murray was on onell unstoppable. How bad the Vikings offense of line when it comes to rushing the ball was how did he do against their Zona? Yeah, he at at least five. Vosa plays place. I, I'm with Jason. I think Royce Freemen's a fine play this week. Would you play? Lindsey? I would play Lindsey over him and that that's my, but only. Why isn't Lindsey the started the week if you've played Lindsey Lindsay's a every week, starter guide opinion already like he is interested. He's worked his way fi actually would play Freeman overland, oh, wow, Royce or Philip. Lindsey has worked his way I am going there and I say yes, sir. Waterbed Lindsay's become from an undrafted free agent into you. Don't even really have to talk about him because you start him every week. Okay. Well, good, good. We cardinals can't play defense. We know that at least against the running back physician, we talked about Christian Kirk talked about picking him up as a flyer. Can you play them at home in this game against Denver. I mean, they are. This is just not a high scoring affair. Yeah, I look when you've got to teams that are both beatable on the ground and both teams have running backs that should be able to succeed in that role. Let's just let's play out that possibility of the game script. That means there's a low scoring game. The clock is running. You know, the the game ends a little bit quicker in real time fewer points scored. So I like the running backs here. I like the defense is here for those reasons, but I'm not crazy about really any of the wide receivers. Gotta play me Emmanuel Sanders. Yes, he's, he's earned a, he's just you have to start him. He's the clear cut. Number one target. You could play four other wide receivers. In this game. You could play Christian Kirk or leery at home. You could play the Mary's Thomas certainly or Cortlandt Sutton. Would you rather play areas? I did about any rankings. We'll be out later today, but on the spot off the cuff, would you rather play Damaris Thomas or Christian Kirk cartesian. I mean, that's. Waterbed. No, I'm definitely not wanted. Eventually lady hit the button. That's a binding contract. Jason. You've made a point of saying this game is an atrocious. Opportunity for fans on Thursday night. Yes, let's make it interesting. Yeah. Well, let's put some pets as many bets out there as possible. All right, Rosen versus case keenum who you got. I got case. Waterbed, yes. All right. Here's the deal. May Jason made the point. There are four other place you could start just because we're water betting on. It doesn't mean we wanna start up the the difference, making factor for any flex play is what is the games outlook like? This is a forty point over under with struggling quarterbacks that is normally the difference maker that lets me put in a John Brown or Corey Davis, or somebody else in a different matchup over a Damaris. Thomas Sutton, Christian, Kirk. All right. So let me ask this question the the Broncos defense they are currently ranked twenty second against fantasy tight ends. There is a tight end who in the past three weeks has had fifty two or more yards twice fifty two yards last week, five for sixty nine. But right in the middle of that was a giant uncooked goose egg Ricky seals Jones. Do you have any faith deploy him at home against. A decent match faith. No, you have to have Cahoon is you're going Indiana Jones stepping out and hoping that the bridge appear. Yeah. No, thanks. I'm afraid of heights. If middle game, maybe you know if that was a cooked goose egg, I'm might be will always let it was uncut. It was an rotten. Let's let's answer some questions not talk about this game anymore. Mailbag. Right. If you have a question, go to the website, the fancy footballers dot com to submit your question or dial voicemail hotline,.

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