President Trump, George Ford, Meredith Minneapolis discussed on Radio Mass of Baltimore


President trump blaming antifa another far left groups for inciting violence during the protests and tweeted today that he's designating antifa as a terrorist group we did hear from the Attorney General saying it is time to stop watching the violence and confronted and to stop it but the continued violence and destruction of property endangers the lives and livelihoods of others and interferes with the right of peaceful protesters as well as other citizens Armen of justice of course also investigating what happened with George Ford looking into the civil rights case in addition to the criminal case that's happening in Minnesota fox's mark Meredith Minneapolis saw its calmest night since the protests began there last week after the police showed a much stronger presence used tear gas and rubber bullets their goal was to break up the protesters early on the protesters for the riders this is very different from previous nights where they pretty much stayed back and let things burn there were about a hundred arrests overnight eighty percent of those arrests coming locally from people from Minnesota but no major fires burned so a real turnaround here overnight I think the people here really hope that that continues for another night as the sun goes down here today Steve Harrigan and target and CVS announced they will close some locations including those damaged during protests in Minneapolis last week target close their shortened hours more than two hundred stores over the weekend but this says most would re open by tomorrow CVS is close stores in twenty states and the district of Columbia America is listening to fox news warm front lifts through midweek and we are going to get some high temperatures in here by Wednesday temperatures will be doing a slow climb tonight though fall back to around fifty clear skies will see some upper.

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