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Celebrity. It is Addison Rae. Do you know who she is? Not my demo, but yes, I understand who Addison Rae is. Right. So she was like, and then number two TikTok popularity person. I just sounded like an old when I said that. But you know what I mean? She's a creator on TikTok who got famous when it was still musically because she did a lot of lip syncing in those dances that were like hot like four years ago. And then parlayed that into TikTok. And now an actual singing career. So I had one of those zoom celebrity group meetings with Addison Rae. I am fascinated. I can not relate to this woman at all. First of all, she's 20. And I don't think you're supposed to. I think it would be a problem if I think we'd have to have a talk. Well, I really say on that note, Billie Eilish isn't that much older. And I was standing there. I related to her a lot. I watched her documentary. I find her talents, very impressive. I like her values, but Addison Rae, I just don't think I align on her interests or values. Billie Eilish transcends. They're not even in the same. I wouldn't. They are. Except that they both have fragrances. I just was fascinated at what it says about culture that this woman is the most popular probably person with a 20 something young 20s and teens. Anyway, so she came out with a fragrance line. Let's talk about the fragrance design. Because I actually think it's pretty cool. I'll tell you that. Here's why. First of all, the packaging, I brought some show and tell for you. Awesome. Here's the packaging. It is, hold on, let me hold on to it. Okay. Wait, hold on. Orb? It's an orb, yes, but I'm not showing you well because there's a heat component to this. And as we all know, I have raynaud, so I have like corpse fingers. So they're cold all the time. Hold on. Did you see? Okay. Yeah,.

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