China, Turkey, Both discussed on Undesign: A Social Change Podcast


Reacts you know that that can happen does happen in our community are the ultimate deciders on on content So they're the ones who are really steadfast in patrolling this At working on it. And you know it's like when we look at moments. When the wikipedia site has been blocked it has happened You know. We're currently blocked in china in both chinese and english and we were blocked in turkey for almost two and a half years. Where you know. There was some concerns about things that were on wikipedia that the government did not find to their alignment. Now here what we you know. We come back to this idea of npr v. Right like we really want people to participate in knowledge making and so to do that. They need to have access yet. Go ahead sorry. Npa neutral point of view neutral. Point of view just just elaborating indeed. Yeah so like when we think of npr v n pov depends on lots of participation. It depends on lots of people helping to make the point of view neutral right because it's actually hard for a single individual to be neutral right. It actually comes across through lots of people touching something kind of standing at it trying to make it into a statement that is true and descriptive That has referenced but that no longer has that strong sentiment in it right. That could be a personal pointed in. It's like you don't see it as the move. From personal point of view to collective quantity right which we compete. It works so when we get lots in a country one of the great losses is the opportunity for people in that country to author the content. That's one of the biggest losses. That's what we really focused on. When we told the story of the turkish block we ran a campaign called. We miss turkey. Because i real loss with that we were missing the turkish perspective. The turkish knowledge community all of the turkish journalists historians photographers You know people who are specialists. In myth and archaeology they all became unable to offer content. Not just in turkish but in english and german and in any other language so we. It wasn't just that wikipedia was no longer a resource to the turkish people. It was the the world was losing turkish knowledge.

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