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Is here breaking news in Indianapolis. The grand jury has declined charges and the death of gray Shawn read. No criminal charges will be filed. Against the I A P D officer involved in the shooting earlier this year, There was a police chase that resulted in a police action shooting between Dre Shawn read and I M P D officers and that was resulting in the death of Dre Shawn read, police say The shooting was justified and that Reed fired on the officers reads. Family says That's not true. A federal wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the Reid family and hammer. We heard from the thieves special prosecutor today we have heard from the eye Indiana State police who conducted this investigation. They said this and the investigation was methodical and labor intensive. And separate from the I m p d investigation again insufficient evidence of a crime from the I m p d coming from the grand jury. The biggest takeaways we got from these second press conference. The one with the state police were that two shells were found from Dre. Shannon Reid's pistol and based on the Indiana State. Police is reconstruction that they were 100% connected to Dre. Shawn read, and they can confirm the Dre. Shannon Reed fired at least two shots. Now Officer Mercer also fired shots. They don't know who fired first, but they can confirm that Dre Shawn read, fired two shots in the chase, which ultimately ended his life. Now I want to get Matt bear in this conversation. Matt, are you still with us in the back? Yeah. Hammer with him. You just went down and walked around Monument Circle real quick during the commercial up and down some of the side streets here. Did you see anything? Because we've been concerned about some unrest or protests or even worse. What was your takeaway from? Just kind of running a real quick lap around Monument Circle. We'll hammer. It felt like a Tuesday night. That was my initial take away. Everything felt right in the world at the moment Now, I did. An additional police cruiser or to keep in mind. These are just my observations. I have had phone calls to the traffic center last one. Maybe about 20 minutes ago that there was police presence on every major intersection of downtown Indianapolis right now, I myself did not see that That does not mean it is not there. Like I said. Additional police cruisers. I did see out there earlier. I saw mounted police on the on the bikes and not to mention I've heard that mounted patrols are out there on horses right now. So again when you're leaving downtown, please be careful tonight. It's important to do. All right, Matt. Thank you. And if you're listening, and you are somewhere where you see an amped up police presence By all means. Let us know you can call us 239 93 93 or hit us up on social media. It's probably the best way Facebook, Twitter at Hammer and Nigel. And nudge the first press conference of the day. This was the one that featured the special prosecutor in charge of this and it was a really emotional press conference. She broke down in tears. Yeah, I was initially taken aback by that the special prosecutor talk about Rosemary Cory was Yeah, She's said that it's hard not to let emotions get involved, and I was trying to figure out what that said to me exactly. By her emotional state, the special prosecutor, the one that ultimately decided. Well, Hey, we're going to give this to a grand jury. We'll let the grand jury decide if we're gonna move along with charges of grand jury comes back and said no, There is no evidence that we need to move forward with charges against the I A P d officer involved in the shooting death of Dre. Shawn read and she seemed very upset. And so I'm wondering, you know what exactly does that say? Is that saying she doesn't believe the grand jury findings are correct? Is it saying that I'm doing it again? I'm just speculating here. Is it saying that she is this has been a long, arduous process. Ah, very That was that was that was tied to riots earlier this year and in the middle of a pandemic could be very exhausting and emotional for a prosecutor, and she ultimately did mention her. Oceans, didn't she when she was talking about the evidence and the process to which the decision was reached. This was really hard on her personally because she mentioned she is the mother of two black boys, and she has sympathy for everybody involved here. Not just the family of Dre, Shannon Reid, but the family of Officer Mercer as well. And you could just tell the weight of this case. The high profile nature of this case was just on her shoulders, and this was probably not something that she had dealt with before. She wasn't really comfortable. Not as as I. As I said earlier, I was a little taken aback by the emotion like why wait a minute? Why is she crying? Why does she not agree with the evidence? She was very steadfast. After she was asked about her emotions, she said. It's hard not to let emotions get involved. But she said that she agreed. With the verdict of the grand jury, she said it was a fair and impartial outcome. She said the investigation was methodical and labor intensive and was separate from the I M p d investigation so hopefully that can remove a little bit of doubt in people's mind as to why she was she was upset. And in regards to removing doubt, the press conference that the state police did with the videos was really over the top transparent and that's what you're looking for. In a situation like this, they slowed down the video. They zoomed in on the video. They place the weapon at the scene with Dre. Shawn read and broke everything down. Frame by frame. I mean, it was a really well done press conference to show what the police Department's been saying All along. Dre Shannon Reid had a weapon and fired multiple shots at Officer Mercer of the I M P. D. Ah, yeah. Indiana State police detectives. Basically the timeline frame by frame of the police chase the what happened after the police chase the video evidence off Dre, Shawn read, even firing at police, even even showing from his live stream of his phone showing the shell casings. Some shell casings of his own flying through the air. I will say the one thing that that maybe obviously did not help And this is this is not something to be taken lightly..

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