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Hey. Welcome to Keith. And the girl I'm Keith Malley Hamda, ladies and gentlemen, featured on comedy central's funny because it's true true. TV's comedy knockout Conan. Rojo press. Hey, all those were true. Three lies in there. Yeah. Happy Halloween, buddy. Thank you happy. Happy. Devils played. Do you get into it at all? I can't stand. It's up. Ny don't. I was affect kid. So I never had good costumes like the best cost of my head was the penguin. Danny devito penguin. Okay. And that ruin the whole thing for me, you just wa- around eight year old. There's no way you're gonna love this other. They have to that. I was saying the other day. How weird New York City is where I see people in like a hockey mask. And I'm like, oh Holloway took me as says register and again. Yeah. Yeah. Not just some of these regular day the day, you get into it at all me. No. Because I was a kid party entertainer for like twelve thirteen years. I had to dress up for kids constantly, it was polka haunt. I was a clown. I was a referee. I was whatever the fuck. They wanted me to be in. So by the time it came to a holiday that. I just have formed just like pay me. Do you? Did you own all these costumes or these rentals? I worked for agencies. It kinda worked like how you act like people ask you if you're available at a certain time and the either provide a costume or you have a couple. Okay. Yeah. You do it. Yeah. I know. I was just think it'd be fun of you just had a closet full. I have a congre HAMAs. Just like him. I going to be the day going through. I would like us to love the Pocahontas costume because it happened to come out, and it was very popular during the summer. So I would actually show up at kids places with a polka his dress barefoot with my long hair, and these were white kids. So Tim to them you were..

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