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Telephone number eight hundred two eight two two eight eight to the White House is is is is putting out a tweet from Steve Scalise? This is interesting Steve Scalise member of the house of representatives Republican who was shot by the deranged leftist during baseball practice. Is now fully recovered and the Steve Scalise tweet that the White House is putting out reads like this. Steve Scalise confirms the House Republicans will add five billion dollars in funding for border security and money for disaster relief to the current continuing resolution. When he was told that there is likely not enough votes for that to pass the house Scalise said, that's a negative attitude. Yes, it is. So here again, the the the point of this is in the White House putting pressure here on people are already trying to say that they're not going to be able to find the money not enough votes for five billion dollars a border security in a Republican-controlled chamber. I need you to stop. And think about what we're hearing. Here. We have the president of the United States the Republican leadership come up to the house today. Two hours ago, and he told them now. We know he told them that they are not. He is not going to sign this Bill unless it has border security in it unless it's got actual money. Got word to me on this program that this Bill will have to have money allocated for border security or he will veto it. So a bunch of people react to this including Steve Scalise. Then again, the White House put this tweet out comes from there. The press office their communication shop that Steve Scalise confirms the GOP will add five billion dollars in funding for border security to the current continuing resolution. He was told there's likely not enough votes for that to pass. He said, that's a negative attitude. Not enough votes in a Republican controlled chamber. Four five billion dollars. Additional for border security. I don't know who told him. This is not mentioned in the tweet. He put out. Just that somebody said to him that that's a negative, and it might be not just one person that could be a number of people have said to me was told it says that there's likely not enough votes for that path. How can there not be enough? The president of the United States who is a Republican. His compatriots in the Republican controlled house will not put there aren't enough votes there for five Bill all they need is two hundred and eighteen okay. Just thought us how many Republicans have left town. Maybe something to to consider. We were told that even for the first vote on this number Republicans weren't there. They left because they had no place to live. Having lost their seats in the midterm elections. So this is where we are the president has made it clear any number of ways to any number of people that he will veto the spending Bill if it comes back to him without funding for the wall. Now, we're being led to believe that there's not enough votes in the house for the five billion to pass if it doesn't then it's dead. There's nothing to send over to the Senate. The has to pass the house for five then it goes to the Senate then it has to pass their. Now, what are the reasons why you can do this with budget reconciliation and not need sixty votes for it? If you wanted to try that that maneuver, which is how they got ObamaCare passed. So we'll just we'll just continue to follow this and see what's up. The important thing is the president has made it clear to a number of people, including me that he will veto it if there's no money in it. And that may well happen. And it's it's going to happen soon. Because everybody in that town wants to get out of town. And nobody in that town wants a shutdown. See that to me is going to be the primary motivation. Nobody nobody no Republican in that town wants a shutdown. Sadly. I wish that fear didn't exist. But it's real. And if if all it's gonna take is five billion measly dollars in comparison to the trillions that we spend every year. It's a rounding error if that. If that's all it would take to avoid a shutdown that it'll probably happen thinking in the Senate may be a little different on it. That's a different ball of wax all together. Here's here's a little sidelight thing. This is happening on C span or did happen moments ago. The house immigration committee was having a hearing and the secretary of homeland security was being grilled was being interrogated Kirstin. Nielsen. And apparently from my spies who have been watching C span on this democrat Representative from Illinois Luis Gutierrez started making fun of and ridiculing people who say Christmas instead of holiday season. It used to be the other way around it used to be merry Christmas. It used to be the Christmas season. It used to be Christmas this Christmas that. And then the political Lee correct crowd got in gear and said that's discriminatory. Not everybody believes in Christmas. You're insulting people by saying Christmas. And so became the holiday season and became happy holidays. And if you said merry Christmas, somebody climbed in your chili and got mad at you claimed you're being selfish and discriminatory. And you're putting other people down you being exclusionary, all these horrible rotten things. So everybody dutifully started wishing everybody. Happy holidays instead of merry Christmas. And it got to the point when you saw somebody or heard somebody say merry Christmas. It was unique when it used to be standard operating procedure. So now Luis Gutierrez for some reason at this hearing started mocking people who say Christmas instead of holiday season. And then he said. Donald Trump would share responsibility for killing baby Jesus. Because baby Jesus had to flee. It's a reference to open borders. And then he said thank God. There was no wall when Mary and Joseph needed to go to Bethlehem. For crying out loud. Just yesterday this nutcase at New York magazine. Olivia nutsy reported that people in the White House. She's hearing from people in the White House. A Donald Trump doesn't like Christmas parties. You know, why Donald Trump was like Christmas party because he jealous. He's jealous than all the attention focused on Jesus instead of him. Yeah. Donald Trump jealous of Jesus. And that's why Trump doesn't like Christmas parties that she actually reported, and it was actually discussed. On CNN, Anna and the info babe that she was telling this to the anchor believed it. Well, we've heard some stories about Trump's Z go. I guess. Yeah. He could be jealous of Jesus. It's this strange thing to hear. But yeah, I guess it's not outside the bounds of possibility. This just. So now Lewis the Donald Trump would share responsibility for killing baby Jesus, immigrations and kill ABC. What does it was he talking about here? Jesus had to flee. Thank god. There was no wall. And then he accused Kirstin Nielsen of lying on the policy of separating mothers from their children at the border, which is another made up lie by the Democrats that the media dutifully report as though it's common practice everyday. And that's work to I've had I can't take number Republican pictures were really bad. We picture there weren't any pictures. Well, you know, the pictures in the media families being separated the border, those pictures are not. But it's not happening. Don't understand Albert. It's not happening. I don't care. Rush pictures, or it's not happening Albert, then the rest of the pictures, you got to admit the pictures, look bad. Whatever happened to it isn't happening. Why can't you when people start complaining, but pictures, telling them the pictures are lies? Some people don't want to fight the battles. Anyway, it was it was on C span within the past hour. The way these people invoke Jesus, I couldn't believe it. When I heard the Democrats were singing Christmas carols on the floor of the house last night. Celebrating their apparent victory at shutting down any attempt at a wall or any attempt at. At border security. Let me grab a quick phone. Call a squeeze in here. This is Willie who is in blue point, New York. Hi willie. I'm glad you called, sir. Hello. Thank you so much rush. Rush unconcerned that the deep state could be even deeper than most people think and more sinister than most people think and going back aways. I remember in two thousand twelve supreme court decision that you and Roberts gave was so weak about the that because the federal government had the right to tax did they would necessarily be able to use that tax to implement on constitutional program. I mean, it's it's almost as if it's almost jiffy said that some guy who legally cross the street to assassinate someone on the other side of the street would be deemed innocent because he had the right to cross the street in the way to assassinating mean. It was just an insane. Verdict to me Cavanaugh recently sided with. With the Planned Parenthood. This judge in the case had a situation where he he appeared like he was going to flip out at Molin Muller's lawyers. And then he went to direct opposite way. And what I'm thinking to keep this short rush is that these people could possibly be being called why other people in the state seeing if you come up with this decision, if you give molar Greece if you throw the case out, we know things about us that we will make public. Do you think that's possible rush? I'm not gonna sit here and say that it's not possible is it likely? Yeah. As much as threat intimidation. And leverage are a part of the day to day functioning Washington. Be silly to just out of hand. Disregarded and say that you've descended into cookeville. We know the deep state is deep, and we know that it's wide, and we know that pretty much everybody in Washington is to one degree or another a member. And we know that there are dossiers on people whether somebody would make a call to the judge and make a call John. You're not the first guy that tells me that they think this is possible that wraps are being made force people to do things a certain way. I have no way of substantiating anything like that. No way of knowing if it's true, it's considering it as a possibility is is a. I mean, that's that's a big stretch right there. And one of the problems that I have with it per se is that it always exempts. People other words cavenaugh would do the right thing. Somebody's got the guts. And the judge would have done the right thing except somebody got to him and Roberts would never have made ObamaCare constitutional unless somebody it always tends to exonerate. The people of actually are doing things that are questionable. It it. It makes them victims of some sinister scheme of blackmail, or or what have you and yet we know at blackmail is alive. And well, we know the two women tried to blackmail Trump. In fact, let me find somebody. I I'm going to take a break here. I mentioned the Conrad Black piece at national review, and he hasn't it's a brilliant piece on Trump, and and all these chihuahuas that are yapping at his ankles and want to get to that and read you a particular paragraph from it and a couple of other things I have here in the stack unrelated to everything we've been discussing so far it means that Willie thanks for the call. I appreciate it. Sit tight folks were coming back with much more right as Christmas. Give a Holly jolly gift subscription.

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