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Was low. But now fan man. I well ours Found while but now i see he. Nah i see. The book is titled men have constant sorrow. Dr ralph stanley. Thank you so much. Thank you robert enjoyed talking with you. And i you thank you. Thanks for listening. Oh i'm diane Won't just to Well what is is an hvac school hand taken. Hold of me he will. I am has none canny. How open the door to have an hour. Ooh that was my two thousand nine conversation with dr ralph stanley award winning singer and banjo player. He died in two thousand sixteen at age. Eighty nine toll for today. We hope we've act with eight new episode on fridays timber. Hit in the meantime you can find this all tastes again. Twitter for san nail de our podcast had wmu. Four kids can pose by jim. Brandenburg landsberg of one year late. This show is reduced by alison brody. Our engineer today is michael. Thanks for listening on be. Well stay safe. I'm diane rick.

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