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A budget it's based on a set of economic assumptions that no longer the case Senate budget chief rob Bradley says the state does have enough money if the crisis does not continue for too long you're off the hook if you have orders to report for jury duty anytime soon the Florida Supreme Court has suspended all jury trials through mid April which means that jury duty is also suspended in till further notice Palm Beach state attorney Dave Aronberg says the court has postponed all misdemeanor criminal traffic court hearings scheduled over the next month until two months later many churches have cancel traditional worship services but it began streaming online to reach their followers one church in Tampa says it had about two thousand virtual visitors to last weekend service between its website and Facebook China faces growing blame over its handling of the corona virus pandemic in Florida GOP congressman Neal Dunn says American companies should move their manufacturing bases of the US can lessen its dependence on China it's time to actually well one of our sailors started bringing home we need to be able to do these things and America or at least in a very friendly country done also thinks Congress will soon agree on a fiscal stimulus package to cushion the economy's fall because of code nineteen with lord is news I'm John McQuiston WFLA news brought to you by the Holland group retirement wealth advisors message and data rates may apply earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload but what.

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