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And I decided not to delete the tweet again, it's not that important to me although about ninety days one hundred days until the election. It's kind of interesting that a conservative like me would be locked out because I speak the truth about the president and and I think people should see that truth. niamh on Parlour P. A. R. L. E. R. DOT COM PARLOR DOT COM look up Joepags J. O. E. P. if you're on parlor go there and go check it out. On facebook Joe Talk Show Joe Talk. Show on Instagram Joe Talk Show. Not Going to leave the tweet, I did consider doing delete the tweet in the complain about the site and expose what it did. But I I think that's childish at this point, it's frigging website. I don't really need the website, but you know me. I couldn't just you know let twitter win. You Know Me. I had to go and do that thing. I had to do a parody about. The pags parody now. Maybe your favorite song. That I, ruin. It's about twitter not letting me back in. I call it can't log on. Oh Yes All the harmonies are me in the background Let's go. Post and since two thousand, nine on. Hat Chines that site drives we add in my mind. Last week I tried to log on, but was of, and then I tweeted that true ended up getting suspended. Can. Go I tried many times. On the block was unkind just like you don. Don Jr. was suspended for a while we lie or not a new side. So you censor any one seems to be on the ride. What was my big lakes? Hydroxy chloroquine win it's F. D. A. Prove. So why don't you let me back? I can lot onto your dumb side. With. All Momma. I'm. Not, dead. I can't on what your problem Jag can't not I'm not a Chinese. Your senses are on. Law. There you go. PAGS, party can't log on if you want to hear it again, you want to actually see us in action doing your during the week and the Joe pags show which we have.

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