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Are you listening? Hey, everyone. This is Kelly with two broad talking politics. I'm here with my co host Sophie. Hey, Sophie. Hey, Kelly. And today we are talking about the politics of South Dakota which I'm super excited about and joining us for an overview conversation is Sam Parkinson who is the executive director of the South Dakota? Democratic Party. Hi, Sam. And hey, everybody listening. Thanks for having me. So first of all, I'm super excited that South Dakota has a democrat party. I think a lot of cones are too. But before we get into that, maybe could tell US Olympic about your background and how you came to be working for the Democratic Party. Yes. So I've been with the South Dakota Democratic Party for a little over three years now since I left college and I kinda got roped into it after working as an intern in the state legislature, and then taking part in one of our young Dem's programs called yell, which is young, elected legislative leaders, and it helps assign kids to state legislative campaigns and any other political work in the state. And from there I graduated college and the chair said, hey, we have a spot open for you if you're interested in the want to come work for us. So I came on as the finance director a few years ago and then became executive director in April of twenty seventeen. Have you always been democrat? I mean, it sounds like you were from college at least, but did you did you grow up in a democratic family? Would that look like for you? Yes. So I don't think I really found myself politically until I did that internship in peer in the state legislature, and they kind of made you make a choice of which caucus you wanted to work for? I grew up in a very political family. I was born and raised for the most part in northern Virginia while both my parents worked in DC and we're involved in politics as congressional staffers at lobbyists, and we moved out South Dakota, but neither of them is a registered democrat. My dad's a lifelong Republican..

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