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They did a little bit of that against Georgia, but they did not execute and they did it again. It's Auburn, but they added the execution in a one. And so I'm looking for them just continue that just play hard fi Alabama's fished out there. Good. I mean as a football guy, the kind of fun to watch because they do it the right. Away on the football field, and they're fun to watch, but for Tennessee, if your tendency Feng just want them to continue to grow, play heart and just play for one another. And this season couple of weeks ago, I didn't know they're going to win four games to be honest. And there's a chance to win six games Goto ballgame. I, it seems because Tennessee seasons have always been defined a little bit by the end because the end is always gone fairly well for Tennessee in good years, putting a a run together and I'm not talking about tomorrow. What would that mean? Momentum wise recruiting lies and future wise for this program, will you have four games a win to, you know, if you'd be Charlotte, let's say tomorrow happens whenever you don't win, but you have four games a win to to get boy elgible in bowl and planning. A bowl is very important in fifteen prices. Being able to sell to the recruits that, hey, you're, you're continuing to grow and get better and you're the missing link. That's the, that's the selling point that's the pitch, but that. That means everything. You know, it's funny when when Tennessee lose to van Bill, Kentucky folks are getting moving. You know, they start moving making changes getting on on the good foot. And that's been the case. You know, last couple years is like, oh, wait, we lost Anna Bill. All right. Let's make some changes now and you know, hopefully that has happened this year. Kentucky is good. This is not your father's Kentucky. They're good. It really. Tennessee has a chance that they play together. The play mistake, free football, and they keep believing in the coaches and German Pruitt. They'll have a chance, but Kentucky's really good one of the best teams in the league. Let's talk about Jeremy for a second jury Pruitt because. Let's be honest. He, he's, this is a new thing for him. He is not your your quintessential coach talking and dealing with the media. I, I talked to former player here earlier. He said, you know what? I like that about him. He didn't care about all that at some point. It may or may not be more important, but as someone in the local media as a former player, what? What? What is your view of the way Jeremy Pruitt has come across. I thought, I think great. I mean, he just sees the football coach is what Tennessee needed. Just a football coach, not someone that you know got on Twitter and and and and look forwards name searches name and got bothered by that or someone that wanted to sit courtside in Miami Heat games, things like that. Just the one they just wanted to coach football, and that's all he cared about was football and recruiting and coach former has been great because coast Fulmer has been the one that's went out and kissed babies and did all the all those things and proves coach and football, and that's what we need. So as we close Jason tomorrow, your four touchdown underdog, if is there a measuring stick in this game, or are you just have to accept the fact that's Alabama, and there may be upside. There's not likely to be much and then get ready for the second. The final quarter of the season. As a player. I'm not. I'm not used to this like now as a, you know, mentality, the player was go in and you spike the win every game, some pretty good teammates, but I understand what we are like. I get it and understand who were going up against..

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